Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bethany Chirstian Services Holiday Home Tour

Yesterday was the BCS Holiday Home Tour. Four homes were available for viewing with the ticket proceeds going to Bethany Christian Services. I had never done the tour before so I was excited to see what it was all about!

I must say, I was a little disappointed in the first two homes. While they were lovely homes, they weren't very Christmasy, and the first one wouldn't even let you take pictures...what's up with that??? When I got to the third home, I figured the first home knew there was no competition and didn't want to be embarrassed!!!

(just a note, there are about 75 pictures, so don't give up...just scroll quickly!)

Here's a bit of Home #2~

Aside from a Christmas tree and a few snowmen sitting around, this table was the extent of Christmas. The home was beautiful, but not the decor I expected.

This man resembled Santa, so I guess he could be considered decoration!

House #3 however...Wowsa!!! There are a lot of photos!

This home was out in the country and up a lovely white, fence lined lane.

Note the wreaths on the gates.

 I must admit, there was a little pretending that "we" lived here!!!

The office...

The attention to detail was amazing. There was a touch of Christmas everywhere you looked...greenery in the windows and on the chandeliers, candles, trees, packages, cocoa and cookies, pillows, inside and outside...everywhere. It was stunning!

A bit of the living room...more to come!

The dining room and kitchen...

And dear friends, Tami , and Shelly~

 The laundry room, mud room and a little bathroom...

Another bathroom...

The porches and patios were all adorned too!

 A few guest rooms...

And the play room...

 Including Cowboy cookies!

The master bedroom...

 Master bathroom...

And outside sitting area.

Stay with me...almost finished!

The bonus/game room...

If you've detected a Western theme, it's with good reason. The owners of this home are quite accomplished on the rodeo scene...some serious bling here!

 My friend, Ellen, made this adorable tree skirt with some old belts!

The stairs...

And the porch...

Detailed and gorgeous...obviously my favorite home!

Here are a few pics of the last home. It was a little old farmhouse way out in the country. Reminded me of my grammy's house! Steep stairs, pitched roof, low ceilings, but very cozy and very Christmasy!


Something went wrong with my uploads, but I had to keep this one of the snowmen in the shower!


 I really enjoyed this event and can't wait to go next year! Such fun!


  1. Loved your pictures Holly! The tour is always so much fun, this post is a great reference for getting the house all pretty for Christmas ;-)

  2. I missed the local home tour, yet again. One year I will go. Looks like a lot of fun. Why no pictures? Weird.

  3. Wow it looks like fun! And I soldiered on and looked and each and every picture :) I think the snowmen in the shower are the cutest! Of course, that wouldn't work very well here since I have just one and my husband would probably leave them in there....