Wednesday, November 28, 2012


All of a sudden I can't load pictures on my blog...picasa says it's full and I have to purchase more storage. However, my storage says I'm only using 22%. I've seen a few other blogger's having the same problem.
Can't seem to contact anyone directly. Anyone know of a fix? It also says if I delete any pictures from picasa that they will disappear from my blog.

What's up with that????

Any help would be appreciated!


  1. Yup, me thinks somethink fishy goin' on! But I caved n re-upped w/Google. For now. Your pie party looked so fun! Hope it's the start of a wonderful holiday season for you and your family.

  2. I had this last year. I paid for the google storage because that is what was offered. I think it's only about $4.99 a year. Since blogger is free and I like the idea of my pictures being stored off site I didn't mind.