Monday, November 19, 2012

And the Tradition Continues~

Pie Party 2012  is over and done with, but the memories linger forever! I am so blessed to count these lovely ladies as my friends. We do our annual Farm Chick trip together and also Lynda's annual pie party. You can see our previous parties here and here, and also here. Lynda was made to host parties as she is the very best!!!

As usual, the table setting was divine! Those little gingham napkins and the lovely gift awaiting each of us!

A gloriously set table~

And the dearest of friends~Karen, Lynda and Terry.

There was a delicious sausage, potato soup, homemade rolls and a wonderful salad...not many leftovers!

There is much laughter...and a few tears, as our hearts are always sharing~

Miss Terry brought me a lovely, little gift~

The most adorable Hallmark ornament ever made!

Can't wait to put it on my tree! Still dreaming about the full sized addition!

We played a rousing game of Autumn Pictionary!

Isn't Lynda adorable?!!!

Karen was the winner and went home with a lovely prize!

As we do every year, we all brought pie...isn't this just the best party idea?! Terry and I thought alike and brought Rustic Apple pies...I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe from her cookbook. Terry's had a little "accident" on the way in, but tasted delicious. Karen made a fabulous Blackberry Pie, and Lynda made a "to die for" Butterscotch Meringue Pie, Everything was so YUMMY!! We all share and take home some of everyone else's pies.

 We all worked on our traditional fall stitcherie's that Lynda put together, but I forgot to take a picture of that. Instead I took one of what Lynda is working on now. Isn't it cute? I want to make it too! 

Thank you Lynda, for bringing us together once again. This is such a fun we look forward too all year!

I'm so thankful for dear friends!
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. It doesn't get better than THAT! What a wonderful day you had with good friends and good food! Lucky you!

  2. Your pie parties are so cute! I always think of the four of you as the original farm chicks.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I love your pie party posts! The P.P.P.!! lol.. The ornament. I think I will have to look for that one for my tree. I am dreaming of a full size one for myself also. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holly!