Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pie Party 2011

Although it is still technically fall, there is a winter feeling in the air. My home is (mostly) decorated for Christmas and I feel the need to hunker down, watch movies and sip a variety of hot drinks!!

But before I settle into the Christmas season,  I get to enjoy one of my favorite things...Lynda's annual Pie Party! A last chance to gather with friends before the hustle and bustle of the season begins.

There are four of us who gather, although there have been others who have dropped in now and then, and we so cherish this special time of togetherness. To reconnect as friends and sisters, share our hearts and laugh together...a lot!!!

We all bring a pie, and I have to admit that mine was store-bought! Just not enough time to make one, but it was still really good!!

Hot cider greeted us as we walked in and Lynda had prepared a wonderful lunch of homemade pizza and a salad that we just couldn't get enough of!!

The table was darling!!

Lynda read verses that she had picked out for each one of us and said a beautiful prayer over us and the meal.

We played a little game and each got a little gift...a can of T.J.'s organic pumpkin!!!!

We all worked on a little stitchery she designed for us and we all took home a sampling of pie. While it only lasted a few hours, it was balm for the soul. A special time to gather and reflect, stitch and break bread together. Just like the quilting bees of old. We women depend on each other and have so much more to offer others when we take a little time for ourselves.

The simple beauty of God's creation, wonderful friends and family...does it get any better than that?


  1. What a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours! I love that she used tin pie pans for the "plates" too cute!

    And I see those Tom & Jerry punch sets everywhere but never thought of using one for a salad bowl....

    I'm pretty much finished up with my decorating and am now just in the enjoy the season mode... well at least until all the presents I purchased on the internet arrive and I have to start wrapping :)


  2. Such a lovely afternoon! What kind of pie is in the front? It looks good, well, they all do!
    Pretty pics of the leaves.

  3. I remember that you do this each year. I love pie, can I come next year? I may have to steal the idea for my friend and I. It snowed all around us yesterday. Glad and sad. I do not like the cold or snow but when I took a picture of our Christmas tree in front of the window there is nothing but green grass in the background. Rather strange looking here. Glad you are enjoying the season!

  4. What a great idea! I'm just getting to the stage in my life where my kids are grown and now I have time for true kindred friendships. I might just "borrow" this idea as I gather a group of friends for an afternoon and start a fall tradition.

    Beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing!