Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas at Molbaks

Brian and I spent the day in Bellevue on Saturday doing a little work for Haggen and having a little fun too!

After working we headed over to Woodinville to Molbaks Nursery. We'd been there the week before, but my camera quit and I wasn't able to get any pictures. This place is a feast for the eyes!! So many decorations, hundreds of trees and thousands of poinsettias, not to mention billions of people! I may have exaggerated on the people, but not the rest!!!
The poinsettias are a thing of beauty and the greenhouse is full of them, every color and size!
There were carolers milling about...

The decorations are spectacular! Such a feast for the eyes! I love seeing the different  tree and decorating ideas. I wonder how long it takes to decorate this place!

The last time we were there it was Humane Society day and you could bring your pets to take holiday photos. This time Santa was there and lots of people were having their pictures taken, including Brian and I! He's so good at doing dorky things with me!!
This may be my Christmas card this kids aren't so into posing anymore!
These kids were cute...maybe I'll use this picture for my card!

Turn up the volume and enjoy the Christmas music...I play it all day!!!!

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  1. I'm hoping to get there this weekend! NOW I really, really want to work it into my trip :)