Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Little Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year!

My Dad and my sister, Amy were here for the first time ever! We haven't spent Christmas together in over twenty years! It was so great to have them here!! I had my Achilles operated on the Monday before Christmas so I wasn't the host I wanted to be...they seemed okay with that though!

My wonderful sisters in law...Melissa, Meagan and Shelly. We spent Christmas Eve at Brian's parent's house with his siblings and nephews, my dad and my sister and of course our family. This year we all gave to our favorite charities and  it was so nice!! We were all blessed as we blessed others.
We added a new one to the group this year, my daughter's boyfriend, Brady!

Christmas morning was pretty leisurely! The joy of having older kids I guess!! Breakfast around 11:00!! Didn't start with gifts until around 12:30!!
Tyler got Brian the beanie he's been wanting...he fits right in now!!
The camera I thought Tyler would like, but that he really wants to trade for something else!!

Aprons for the girls!
Loved having a houseful of people! We need to do gifts more slowly though. Tyler opened his so fast that he was done before I even looked at him!!
The gift we gave ourselves this year...with help from family and a few gift cards!!! My rebel died over a year ago and we've been wanting to replace it. So excited to have this big boy again!!!

We spent the day doing puzzles...

And playing this little game...
It's not really a game, just a series of questions. We did this for about four hours and it was so fun and interesting. Really a conversation starter and can get pretty deep. Of course we skipped over the extremely personal ones, such as "what's your biggest regret?" Some things just don't need to be shared!! The kids all went to the movies while  the rest of us stayed home.

We had a great dinner...no pictures...and lots of treats...no pictures....visits from friends and neighbors...no pictures...! But the memories are there just the same!!

We are so blessed!!!


  1. It does sound you had a great time!! The question sounds like fun. But you are right. Some things don't need to be shared!

    Thank for your nice comment about me finding great stuff. I don't know if I do, but I am enjoying the bread box alot.

    Happy New year!

  2. It sounds like you had the perfect celebration! It is so much easier when your kids are older, isn't it? My 20-something daughter has moved home and I really appreciate the extra set of hands. I appreciate the game suggestion. I will have to look for it next year. We have played one where you form into teams of different ages and the trivia questions are from different decades. Fun for the older and younger ones.

  3. So glad you got to spend Christmas with your sister and dad. That is wonderful. I have not spent Christmas with my family since my girls were in early grade school. Probably around your 20 year mark. I need to post pictures of the girls and grands soon. Have a Happy New Year HOlly!!!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful day!


  5. Looks like lots of fun! I have a Christmas card for you :p - better late than never right? Hope you are doing well and healing fast!

  6. Wonderful pictures. It looks like you had a fantastic time !!
    Have a great New Years eve and a fabulous beginning of 2012.

  7. Thank you for sharing, Holly Dolly! I love that Amy was able to come up for the holiday and that Uncle Bob could make it too! What a wonderful treat!
    Love you oodles and oodles!