Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Adventure!

A few weeks ago, Brian and I went to Petite Retreat's Island Retreat in Anacortes. Brian's been looking for some vintage items for a grocery store that Haggen is re-doing and it's been really fun going junkin' with him!!! Deb Kennedy is a wonderful, sweet friend who puts this all together with her husband Bob.
Her husband makes some unique furniture. We tried to buy both, but the table was already sold. Unfortunately, Haggen gets the other one! Aren't they fun?

It was a really fun show, right on the pier in downtown Anacortes. Beautiful day!

Last weekend was the Funky Junk Sisters show in Puyallup. Lynda, Terry, Karen and I left bright and early on Friday and headed to Centralia and Chehalis to do a little antiquing and exploring before going to the show later that night. We found some cute things and as always, had so much fun just being together! Someone offered to take our picture to document our great adventure, but we got busy and forgot about it! Lynda's always willing to sit in a rocker though, and I took advantage of that photo op!!
We went to lots of stores, but this was our favorite! Wish I could remember the name!
Loved this wall! The bunting is cut out of newspaper. I need to make one of these! And I love the FaLL letters on the wall!

Oh, there's the name! Abundance Vintage! Love the quote!

Loved this vintage nightie! Not very soft, but really cute!

We also went to a cute quilt shop and had lunch at Berry Fields in Chehalis. Great food, cute decor and very busy!!! The place to go for lunch!!

Off to Puyallup to the Funky Junk Show!! Linda and Dixie always make this such a great show and raise a lot of money for breast cancer awareness.

I like the hanging bed springs and the metal booth!
Cute displays!

 Heartbreak Hotel! Isn't the heart sweet?
So many great ideas!
We ended our evening with a trip to University Village in Seattle. I loved this display at Pottery Barn...a hanging ladder filled with beauty!! If only I was willing to put some eye bolts into my ceiling!!!

Another adventure with my hubby the next day, but that will have to wait!!! On our way to Whistler for a weekend with friends...praying for some snow!!!

A special thanks to all of the wonderful men and women who so faithfully serve our great country.
May we always remember the sacrifices they make for the rest of us, every, single day.


  1. It sounds like a great outing! I want to go through that stack of tablecloths(?) and se what they had. it seems like the NW has great shows. We don't have much going on around here that I am aware of. That needs to change!

  2. Oh Holly, it looks like you always have fun on your outings! Hope you come back soon and fill us in on your other stop!

  3. I need to get out of "town" more or what! This all looked like so much fun... we even have family in Centralia so I really should head down that way once in awhile.

    I'm heading to Seattle tomorrow to spend the day with my daughter. Hopefully we'll be stopping in at Second Saturdayz (spelling?) to get in some vintage shopping... and of course, we'll be stopping at U-Village!


    PS what store is Haggen working on with that "vintage vibe"?

  4. Holly, you are such a sweet girl... thank you for your kind words about our show, the Island Retreat Antique & Vintage Market, in Anacortes. It was such a pleasure to see you & Brian, and we are so happy that you ended up with at least ONE of Bob's restyled door pieces! (um, well... that HAGGEN ended up with one, I guess!)

    And I'm going to get the down-low from your hubby when he comes to pick that up - I REALLY want to see this cool new concept store he's workin' on!

    I just can't believe how OLD I look in photos from the show...I really needed sleep that day. :0/

    Deb @ RetreatStyle

  5. Definitely coming down for coffee and a peak at your Christmas Decor' this year k? I would love that!!