Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who needs New England?

Hubby and I took a road trip this past weekend through Washington, Idaho and a bit of Montana. I wish my pictures could do justice to the AMAZING fall color we saw! We were hoping to take a fall trip to New England this fall, but the timing just didn't work out. So instead, we drove the back roads as far as we could go, stopping here, there and everywhere! We had no schedule, but wanted to see the fall color, visit family and stop whenever we wanted!
This was such a great trip, we've already decided to do it again next year!!!

The above picture is in Newhalem as you start across the North Cascades highway. It was a little rainy, but once we got over the pass, nothing but sun!!
 One of my favorite barns, outside of Winthrop.
Beauty along the Methow River!
Just a cool, old barn!
This was such a cute cottage, nestled amongst the gorgeous colors!
Stopped and saw my sweet Grammy! Isn't she cute with her fall shirt?? That's my Uncle Bill next to me. Got to see Aunt Trissie too, but she left before the photo shoot!

We went into Spokane and went to Hurd of my favorite stores! My dad met us at Chaps for dinner, but I forgot to take pictures! We stayed in Spokane the first night and met my dad again the next morning for breakfast at the Longhorn. Love the down home atmosphere and the cute tablecloths!
We hit a few amazing antique stores the next morning and some really great people! Wish I had taken their pictures, but, well, you know...
 After that we headed up north to Green Bluff hoping to hit a few farms! We stopped at Knapps where we were just in time to see the pumpkin launcher, which I did take a picture of, but for some reason isn't on here and I don't know how to squeeze it in!! Whew!! Long sentence!
 This is a picture of a new barn at the home I want to live in some day! This silo is stunning!!! You can't see the house, because they have a gate in front of it now. I found this place about 5 years ago, when it was for sale! You can sort of see the view behind the barn. It sits way up high on a hill (mountain?) and looks out over the Spokane River valley. Stunning doesn't begin to describe it!
Amazing fall color!!! The colors were so vibrant... I wish my pictures did it justice. God was painting some mighty pictures!!
Unfortunately, this clown garbage can was in the way here, and a man was getting arrested from the other angle!! But look at that white birch!!
 We meandered up through Newport and over to Sandpoint, Idaho and Lake Pend Oreille.  We had a great dinner at a little pub, with the sweetest waitress!  I could live here! So beautiful, wonderful people and just a great way of life!
 The next morning we went to a warehouse sale...who knew?!!!! and met some more great people!! Had coffee at Evans Brothers and visited with the owner for a long time!!! He moved there from Bellingham, so we had lots to talk about!!
From Sandpoint we drove to Bonner's Ferry, Idaho where Brian found the "coolest" store! Larson' department store...major carrier of Carhart and other farmy/huntery stuff!!!! He got a shirt...the only purchase he made! I more than made of for his lack of retail therapy!

We made it all the way to Libby, Montana before we headed back. We took another route back to Spokane, where we stayed again. Then we drove home via, Coulee Dame, and back up North, glad to be home and sleeping in our own bed!

If you're ever in the Northwest in the fall I highly recommend this trip!!!


  1. I'm so happy you had a good time. A beautiful trip with some great stops. And I got to spend time with Tyler and make him his favorite tater tot casserole.

  2. Swooning with a capital S! Indeed, who needs New England!? Awesome pics girl. Long live Autumn!

  3. Just beautiful!!!
    That barn is pretty cool!

  4. Who needs Pinterest when you can see all the wonder for yourself???
    What an impressive sojourn across our beautiful wonderland. Roger is swooning over the coffee. I am sipping his brew right now and it's divine. -Lynda

  5. Oh, an ABSOLUTELY STUNNING trip. So much fun! I am glad you took so many lovely photos.

    Is Chaps as awesome as we hear it is?

  6. Randy will be so jealous - me too! We would love to take a road trip like that! Someday - for now I will live vicariously through you!

  7. Oh what a nice meandering drive. Only one little problem...I want that house in GreenBluff with the iron wheel fence around the patio. I have also watched it over the years. I love that place. Well, maybe you can buy it and I will come visit real often. I'll let you know if I see a for sale sign again.

  8. BEAUTIFUL!!! Your pictures are lovely. I do not think you have a problem at all catching the beauty. Looks like you and yours had a wonderful time. My hubs is in need of an new Carhart. I've been wanting a red one myself. Need something warmer to feed and water the chickens during the cold mornings. Thanks for sharing your trip with us Holly!

  9. I live in Maine and the colors were not good this year for various reasons. So, glad you had a nice trip closer to home. Maybe next year.

  10. Thanks for the beautiful photos from the Northwest. I've been a little homesick since this is my first fall away from the area in my whole life! It's nice to see those beautiful mountains and lovely barns again. Love Carol's warehouse sales in Sandpoint too!


  11. nice blog....enjoyed visiting.....wish I was a Walton too! Live nearby their old home:)
    Shirley in Virginia
    come visit sometime