Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Adventure...Part 2

Now that I'm back from a relaxing weekend, I'm ready to continue with last weeks adventure and add on a bit of a new one!!!
These are my favorite goodies from the trip to Centralia. I do love chalkboards! I'm thinking of doing a wall of them down my hallway, but still not quite sure.

Early the next morning, Brian and I headed back to Seattle for the City of Hope Ball, a fundraiser for the City of Hope Cancer and Research Hospital. We went down early enough to walk around Capital Hill and look at some really cool shops. We went to Melrose Market, a neat little warehouse like building with lots of shop inside. Kind of like a European market. There was a butcher, a restaurant, a flower shop, a deli, and some individual shops too.

I thought it was pretty fun that you could sit near the counter while your food was being prepared, and the butcher shop had slabs of meat in the see-through cooler.

My favorite shop was called Butter Home. It was a shop filled with product by local artists. Loved the bunting along the railing...

And the window displaying jewelry...
 a really cool metal tree with vintage lighting...
fun goodies...
a cute guy...
 and the sweetest owner!!!!
Got a few goodies there too!!!

We stayed at the Westin in downtown Seattle and had a great view!
We had a nice time at the ball...over half a million dollars was raised in a few hours. Pictures? That would be no. Forgot my cute purse and nothing to carry it in. Hubby was in black tie and I must say we were quite cute!!!!

The next morning we got up really early, mainly because we forgot to set our clocks back, and headed down to Montlake to watch my nephew row crew for Bainbridge Island. There was a huge regatta going on and while it was pretty, it was soooooo cold!!!! Had a wonderful visit with my sister in law and my other nephew and Brian enjoyed hanging out with his brother.

We waited 2 hours for a glimpse of Nate doing warm-up, but as luck would have it, a sailboat needed to go through the cut and this happened...

Yes, he went through while the bridge was up!!!! Bummer!
An hour later we got to see him compete, but he was through so fast that I only got one picture!

That's him in the back! Sorry I missed you Nate!!

This past weekend we joined our friends Tami, Fred and Max up at Whistler. So much fun and it snowed almost the whole time we were there!!! Didn't accumulate, but it was fun to watch and be in it!! Not many pictures, but lots of great memories!

 Gorgeous drive!

The guys reading their  latest books, Inheritance, which they bought at midnight the day it came out! Tyler finished his and Max was saving the last bit for the ride home!

A great weekend with wonderful friends!

How was your weekend?


  1. You go to the most amazing places! Great finds!

    Whistler was fun. A great last PARtay with with our babies. I'm so happy you were willing to play bananagram with me. And the snow always makes me happy.

  2. I agree with the above comment. You get to see and do some wonderful things!