Thursday, September 16, 2010


I've been documenting all kinds of things thinking that maybe I'd post a little more frequently, but alas, that hasn't happened. Soooooo here are a few of the things that have been happening around here over the last month...............................

Decorated my mantel for back to school. I have really gotten into the "old" school stuff lately. Flashcards bring me great joy! I loved flash cards when I was in school, especially the multiplication ones. I could whip those answers out lickity split!!

I've been finding them all over the place and can't resist getting them. I went to my parents house a few weeks ago and found a set from 1963, the alphabet. I love that J is for Jar, canning jar that is! And P is for Pie. You know they are old though, when G is for Gun!!!
Here is my baby on his first day! New school...decided not to do the Running Start program so we put him in Lynden Public. He seems to like it, but it's weird not to have him at LC.
A few weeks before school started he got his wisdom teeth out. He only had 3 which explains the C on his report card last year!!
This is before...

Right after...(he was a little woozy!)

Ready to go home! He looks a little paler to me!
We took a few movies too, his request, and is he ever entertaining when he's on the happy meds!!

I'm skipping around here, but last week was my favorite week of the year at Haggen. It was the BOGO add for health and beauty. That's buy one, get one FREE people!!!!! I do my shopping for the year at this time...shampoo, ibuprofen, Excedrin, cold meds, contact solution, band aids, q-tips, cotton balls, alcohol, powder, mineral oil, toothbrushes, dental floss, etc, etc. I always check my cupboard and make a list so I don't have too many of something and not enough of something else.

Now a few of my friends have boasted of their savings at local grocery stores, but this receipt outshines them all and yes, I am boasting!!!! I also saved by using school scrip, which I got at a 10% kickback this month.
Are you ready??????

That's $269.20 that I spent and $285.59 that I saved!!!!! Wooo Hooo!! Just for clarification, I don't know what the wine and special discounts are, but there was no alcohol purchased here!!

The Abbottsford Air Show was on a beautiful day in August and the Canadian Thunderbirds put on quite a show! They are flying over my house here...I'm looking straight up!!


A nice background for the performance!!

Dinner on the bay with Tyler, Grandma and Papa, Shelly and Mel. Such a cutie patootie he is!!

Hubby went salmon fishing for 4 days and brought back 120 lbs. of melt in your mouth fish. Don't know why I didn't take a picture of the fish rather than the boxes, but my freezer is full and I'm happy!!! Especially since he gets it all vac. packed up there and I don't have to do it anymore!!

And a post just wouldn't be complete without the latest project!!!
We are in the process of painting our house (of course it's raining this week!) and we've never liked the look of the porch, so of course we had to do a little remodel before we could paint! (it was sunny then!)
Funky peak in front and scrawny little posts.
Taking off the front...Brian's dad was a huge help!

We put shingles on the peak to match the others...

And built up the posts. We put shingles on those too. Now if we can just get the painting done!!!

I also re-did the front flower beds, which I've had to re-dig in order to get the scissor-lift into painting position!!
And the garden. Let's not forget that!!!!! This week I've canned 42 pints of chicken, 15 quarts of pickles, 14 pints of applesauce, 7 quarts of beans, and frozen 14 quart bags of corn, 10 of zucchini and 5 of summer squash!!! I'm ready for the garden to be done!!! But it sure is yummy to eat out of!!

I also tried Tami's wonderful hot chocolate chip cookie recipe...very good!!!!!
That's all for now!!!!


  1. You grow CHICKEN in your garden too???? Now I'm even more amazed about your garden...and your food preservation...Huzzah to you!! I am overwhelmed at your ambition...

    I think I need a nap after reading all this...

  2. "That's all." You are hilarious, that's all is really A. Lot!
    I missed the bogo sale and was watching for it. Phooey!

  3. wow...busy mama!!! lovin' your make such a beautiful home. i wish i was around to come claim a pumpkin. love you!

  4. Love your mantel, love tyler and his meds, front porch looks awesome, and you need to quit working so hard!! Do you EVER relax!?!?! Definitely time for a girls scrappin' night. My turn, I'll get one planned! Emily misses Tyler at LC, it was so good to see him the other night. I pray for you when you come to mind. Being mom is just plain hard!!

  5. Whooeee, you been busy! LOVE the Old School mantel and will use it for inspiration next fall. I'm always at a bit of a loss bout mine... I'm just changin out to real fall (just had some sunflowers in a milk bottle) and need motivation. Going w/old china plates w/harvest for now but it's blah. Your son is very handsome and I'm in awe of your grocery savings! Most of all I'm blown away by your porch redo! That's the kind of project that takes A LOT of energy and creativity - both of which you clearly have! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your mantle. It looks like you are really enjoying your addition and new mantle. When you aren't painting...
    You will deserve some couch time this fall after the garden, painting, parenting and preserving. Put your toes uP girl!

  7. Everything is looking good in your neck of the woods. I have came to a stand still in the canning department. Decided I needed a break. Misses peaches but I will go get some apples soon and make the grands favorite applesauce. Have a good week Holly!

  8. Love your mantel, the old toys, flash cards... all of it. I picked up a couple of those flashcards the other day at Grandiflora. I believe I live in your neck of the woods... I'm just a couple of miles west of Lynden, WA. Looking forward to checking out more of your blog.


  9. Hello, just catching up on some of my favorite blogs and I wanted to drop you a your house. It is so pretty and the shingles and column change will make it even prettier. Your son is adorable and I love the back to school mantle :)
    Amy at Verde Farm

  10. Holly, did you buy $269 dollars worth of wine??? ;) That was a great savings, I love when I save more that I spend.
    Your porch is heavenly! I just love the wood roof underneath, looks amazing!!

    I hope your enjoying this wonderful Fall Weather were Experiencing!

    P.S. I love that Kenny Chesney Song you have playing on your blog!! I saw him in concert in Missouri about 4 yrs ago, my life hasn't been the same since ;)

  11. Hi !! remember me from the PW line? =) I just re-found you on someone else's blog! too funny! =)

    Love your view!! and your new porch!
    You are a canning machine! I wish I had enough space for a garden!! This year we didn't even manage to get our beans and zucchini in the ground.. or should I say in my flower beds!!

    anyway... nice to see you again!

    PS have you heard of Bakerella? She is the yummy cake pop queen!

  12. I don't know if my comment posted...if so, sorry for the duplicate. And I already forgot what I said..exactly, that is.

    I have misssed your posts, but sure appreciate you coming to visit me. I hope your family is doing well. Are the kids having a good school year so far? Mine are.

    It's a beautiful fall day here. Hope your weather is great, too.



  13. Wow, you've been busy. My husband would be drooling if he saw the box of fresh salmon. Love the flash cards on the mantel. Super clever.