Thursday, October 7, 2010

We're MOVING....

Yes folks, you read correctly. Because after nine days of painting, we've decided that we'll sell the place if we ever have to do it again!!!! Either that or start saving major bucks to have it done by someone else!!!!

We went in on a paint sprayer with my BIL and SIL last year, when they were painting their house. We also used their paint colors, because their house turned out so pretty!!! ( Thanks for doing all that work Brad and Meg!!)
We rented a scissor lift as we had some horrible peaks and crevices to get into and was it ever a life saver!! The above pick was my most hair-raising experience as we're on one part of the roof, trying to get to the other part and the ladder is just set over the peak of the one roof. I did not like this one bit!!! I'm holding paint trays and "steadying" the ladder. Please.....

I got anxious and put a little paint on the new shingles one night, but the dew overnight took care of that idea!!

Brian's dad was such a help. He was over every day and did so much. Thanks Ron!!

We figured there is an hours worth of prep for ever minute of spraying!!! The sprayer is wonderful! I can't imaging not having that available!!

I think their are some pics of the house in my last post or two, but of course I didn't do any specific before and afters!!! The trim was dark and the house was a little lighter.

The garage doors look so much softer now! We'd like to add some wide trim around the doors, but will have to do that later!!

I love how the new porch details turned out!! So much more character!!! Good job honey!!

We still need to add the rest of the belly band and do a little trim around the rock. Shutters on the lower front windows and perhaps a window box or two...but then again.....!!

We love how it turned out!! We're still questioning why the builder didn't add a dormer over that upper window!! What was he thinking????

What a project!!! Now we're cutting in the new flower beds transplanting trees, bushes, etc, ripping out the garden, and mowing the lawn twice a week!! I'm tired!!! Part of me wants the rains to kick in, but I know it will be nice to get everything done and tucked away for the winter!!
Now, for a bloggy question:
I've been getting a few spam comments, so I changed the moderation to the approval method. But today I saw that some of my regular commenter's just go straight into a spam email or anything. I notice some of you have approval on your sites, but are able to immediately publish the comments you trust. Are you doing that through your blog site, or are you just really quick at publishing the comments??? Also, how do I do a link without doing the www.? Like if I just want to put in a name?? The challenges are almost overwhelming!!!!!!
Have a lovely October day!!


  1. You have a beautiful home. I love the new paint colors. It's really wonderful. I would have been scared to death up there holding paint and are a good woman.

    As for the questions you posted--I am having issues with spam comments now too. I don't know what to do about it except delete them. I just learned how to publish a link vs. a posted address. On your post editor--click on the Link icon at the top--it will let you paste the link and write in the words you want to represent the link. It's great :)

  2. Beautiful beautiful house! I love it! I can't help you on the approval as I've been blessed to only have one or two "spam" comments so I don't have any approval on my blog -- sorry! On the link you can type in any word you want. Then highlight it, go up to the task bar and click on "link." It will open up another box where you will then enter the actual "address" (i.e. You will close that box and that's it. Now, I'm not the most technologically advanced person, but that works for me. Good luck! And again, your house is beautiful.

  3. Holly, it looks Awesome!! But I hear you when it comes to painting~not a fun task for all of us!
    Really does look Amazing though, you guys have such a Beautiful Home!

  4. Holly,
    Love the new colors. That was quite a task. We have vinyl siding and not a color I love. It is yellow and I have never cared for yellow houses. But I started painting the shutters and doors this summer before the wasps moved into the ones on the back of the house. Hubs is waiting for them to clear out so he can take the rest down. I had a list so long of things to do this summer and we did not accomplish much on it. So now we see what you have been up to and why no post for a while. I am sitting with my grand daughters while their mommy is at church this evening and they are enjoying your music. Oldest one (5) said I could look at something else but I needed to leave your music on. Have a good weekend!

  5. Wow, you scared me for a minute there. I thought you really meant it!

    Your place looks fabulous. Can't wait to see it after your other projects are finished.

    By the way, I can't remember if I replie to you about where I live... I'm out on Loomis Trail Road (west of Lynden).

    PS I always seem to be the ladder holder too.

  6. You have a dream house look there! We need to paint also, the hubby wants to hire it done, it's so expensive tho, but I can see why. I hate to paint` it looks wonderful!

  7. yep-time for a girls nite - then we can get the blogging bugs worked out! House looks GORGEOUS!!

  8. Holly . . .

    Your house looks just wonderful!! A few of those photos though made me a bit nervous - lets just say . . . that ladders and heights are not my favorite things in the world!! You have definitely inspired me . . . but - I think I will start with the inside!! :) liz

  9. It's a beautiful house. Lovely color. Sorry about the spam.

  10. I can definitely see why you'll hire next time. Lots of nooks and crannies! Your home is lovely , and looks so peaceful.

  11. i too get spam via allowing anons comment, but now hate to change it for the very reasons you mentioned, so i delete & spam them. *sigh*

    your home looks FAB to the bone, but it's a daunting task or super expensive.

  12. Cute house.

    Just high-light the word you want to link, then click on the links button and add the web address.

  13. What an amazing home-it's something dreams are made of! So storybook!