Friday, October 15, 2010

The Joys of Autumn

I woke up to this yesterday morning...the photo does not do it justice!

And thought I'd share a little fall...

my favorite time of year...

the color of pumpkin...

the smells of autumn...

the cool, crisp nights...

pumpkin spice lattes...

the scent of fall candles...

pumpkin patches and fall festivals...

apples with caramel dip...

warm soup and artisan bread...

the Gilmore Girls (a lot of fall there!)...

pumpkin carving and chili feed with friends...

is there a way to make the computer area festive?...

God's creation in all it's glory...

Talk a walk this the fog settle over the fields...have a pumpkin bar and a cup of tea...set some soup to simmer...cuddle under a warm quilt and watch an old the ones you're with...


  1. Oh Holly, your home is gorgeous! Park like, even.
    Fall is my favorite and you got it right!

    I picked up the same bottle of wine at Haggens' last week, I found several great choices for fall and halloween labels. I hope the wine is's cute though if nothing else.

  2. Holly, I love getting a look at your pretty home. You always have the seasonal decor just perfect and inviting. Spring has always been my favorite season but I have to admit after this past hot summer I am enjoying fall more than ever. You have a ton of Gooseberry cook books! I'll never catch up with you. Are all those pictures right outside your door? How blessed you are. P.S. I agree we are not aging at all it is just our children. Brenda

  3. Can I hire you to be a "buyer" for my home? I am in awe of you and your beautiful home inside and out!

    I'm making soup and Artisan bread today and bottling my homemade raspberry wine. Trying to make the most out of being home with a sick kid. (for the 6th day in a row....grrrrr)

  4. Karen, there is nothing I like more than spending other people's money...I'll take the job!!!!

    You sound much more ambitious than I am...I just think about doing those things...I rarely do them!!!

    Hope the kids get beter soon!

  5. Holly,
    Your home is beautiful. Love the Mt Baker shot and the pictures of your yard. Hope you had a great time Puyallup. One of these days I'm going to get past the Skagit border for some of these fabulous antique/junk/old stuff shows! There are some great looking ones that I've been "watching" for a few years! My mom and I made it to the Lynden show. I thought there were more antiques this year, which I liked.

    Right now, we're up to our eyebrows in our work on the Peach Palace in Lynden. It's on Grover, just a few blocks from Fairway Center. We're trying to clean it up, give back a little character and then rent it. Next spring will bring a coat of EXTERIOR paint and then we'll have to change the name :)

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

  6. So beautiful. That view is stunning. I love this post--fall is so wonderful!

  7. Love your decor and your pic of Baker is amazing:)

  8. Oh Holly, I just Luv all of those Fall Festive Photos!! What beautiful scenery you woke to!!!

    I would just love to get my hands on one of those caramel apples on the front of that Celebrate Magazine ;)

    I have Chili in the Crockpot this evening, enjoying this Absolutely Gorgeous Weather that God has been blessing us with!!

    Question for you, I'm looking for a "farm" dining room table to go in my dining room with a possible matching hutch in either a maple or white washed wood. Do you have any Antique or other stores you could lead me too??

    Thanks, Katie

  9. Heyyyy! I wish I was a Walton too....I love Fall as well. Your house is festive.

  10. Beautiful, Holly Dolly!
    You make me miss the PNW and even more, make me miss you! I will just pretend we're sitting in your kitchen, making, then eating pumpkin bars and drinking tea (can we go for that pumpkin spice latte in the morning?) Thanks for the great post!
    Love you,

  11. Holly your Mt. Baker pic is stunning!! and the first two pics are beautiful... I love Fall too! =) so sad the rain is about to hit us now! **sigh** did you make the pumpkin wall quilt?? Love it!!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous pics!! Wow - what a confirmation that God loves us! I love the way you decorate and the cozy feel of your home! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. just found you and love this post, especially that first photo! your fall decor is lovely and that pumpkin with the oversized stem made me smile...happy halloween! jill

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! I love autumn!

  15. Holly, I have been visiting your blog a few times but too in a hurry to leave a comment. I loved seeing your home painted and all the fall pictures. Your son's band looks like their good!
    Melanie B.