Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saying Good-Bye to Ben...

Franklin that is!!!

Tyler, Brian and Papa went to the Bellingham Auto Auction this morning to look at some cars and hopefully bring one home!

They got one!!!! All that hard work this summer and last paid off!
Handing over the money...all of it earned by him!
And the winner is...2000 Volkswagon Jetta...just what he wanted!

A great little car, black, leather, manual, power everything, heated seats, sunroof, 6 CD changer and really cool dash lights...picture to follow!!

Tyler doesn't get excited about much. The last time I saw him this happy was Christmas morning when he was 5 and found a nintendo after a lenghty treasure hunt!!! This has been a long time coming!!

These are some sparkly lights!!! Everything lights up...the windows, doors, gas tank button, etc. Very pretty!!!!

Congratulations Ty!!!
Did I mention that I now, once again, drive the worst car in the house??? Oh well.

P.S. I've banned the holy jeans from public!


  1. Oh wow...your right good-bye..As each of my daughters got their first car I saw less and less of them. But of coarse I did not have to share my car anymore or run them to every sport practice or work. With every change there is a good and bad side of it. The holy jeans...I do not think any of us think any worse of your boy because that is what every teen and pre-teen seem to sport. My nine year old grandson picks out his holy jeans over any without holes even when he visits me. Last time he spent a couple of days I was so glad he was wearing shorts because I was taking him to the movie. Thanks for visiting Holly I so enjoy your comments. And I think it is a hoot that when I visit Jayme the Coop Keeper or you I get to read something from each of you. Too sweet.

  2. Oh the memories & excitement for your 1st Car!!! How awesome that he earned all his own cash for it!!

  3. Congrats Tyler! I hope one of your first destinations is our house. Missed you this summer.
    Nice car! And here I was thinking you might be interested in Snowflake. Who now looks like a POS compared to the beautiful car YOU bought.

  4. Hi Holly, I'm Steve, as in Mr. Jenny. She asked me to post the following for you:

    Holly, I don't know what that is. Mine looks normal. Rats! And I just have a funny post up today that could change your life and (OK, it's not that great...but...)

    I wonder if you just subscribe to RSS feed to your e-mail? It would come through just as HTML code without all the stuff behind.

    But I'm thinking you might need to run a virus scan. Mine did some wonky stuff like that a while back when I had a Trojan Horse in my hard drive.

    I'm going to have Steve e-mail you his story but your e-mail isn't linked to your blog profile.

    If you would e-mail him with your e-mail address, he can put you on the RSS feed list. I know his stories take place in your neck of the woods and I don't want you to miss them.

    smatlock at email dot com

    Hope your Monday is Merry and bright!

    Oh wait. I'm mixing up holidays here.

    Either way, I hope we can get this figured out for you!

    Hi, Steve here again. If you want to send me your email, I can send you the Lewiston stories that are coming out. is probably the easiest.

    Spokane is kind of a neat small city, I agree with you, and I know those neighborhoods.

  5. It's a sleek, giddy up machine!!!
    I hope I get a ride to the market.

  6. Oh man, that kid is driving a nicer car than me! Good for him paying cash and all. So proud and happy for him!

  7. Our son turned 16 a year and a half ago. We are very blessed that he doesn't "run all over town". And it sure is handy that he can take himself and his sister places :0!

  8. Great looking car-Tyler!! You deserve it after all your dedication and hard work!! It's a stick shift??? Good for you!!

  9. a) my daughter says that those jeans are "in"
    b) my daughter got a ride home from the game in said cool car
    c)good job Tyler on all the hard work - it pays off!!

  10. So so proud of Tyler! A super great car for a super great young man!!

  11. What a wonderful accomplishment. You should be totally proud of him. Congratulations on a cool ride.