Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week-end Get-Away

Get your jammies on, get a cup of tea and curl up on the couch...this is a long one...mostly pictures though!!

I went to Eastern WA for the weekend. Went to Lake Roosevelt to see my brother and nephews. We like each other much better now that we're older!!!! I know it's hard to tell, but he is my "little" brother!!! It was so pretty over there, wish I would have made it there before now. My nephews were sleeping when I left, but they're adorable too!! There was a big wind storm the day before and tumbleweed blew all over, and gathered together by my brother's truck. I picked out a few choice branches and brought them home!

I'm sure I can do something with this for fall!!! They are sturdy little things...would have brought back a whole truck load and passed it around if I could have!!
The wheat fields were ready for harvest! My grandpa was a wheat farmer and I still love to see all that wheat growing and the combines in the field!!
I stopped at a few antique stores and then headed to Reardon for the Buggy Barn Quilt Show. Beautiful as always!!!

I got the patterns for the "Wisdom" blocks. I've always loved this quilt and hope to make it someday!

Love the setting in the middle of the wheat fields!

Some of the quilts inside the store...

The wind was a blowin'...

I headed into Spokane and up to the Browns Addition, a historical neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown. These homes were built in the early 1900's, but when I was growing up there, most of them had been chopped up into apartments and it wasn't the best neighborhood around!! In the past several years many have been restored and are so beautiful!!!

This yellow one is my favorite!
Love the color and the side porch!

Looks like a Southern plantation home!

Love this porch and the shingles. What's in that little room on the left I wonder???

The new Farm Chicks Store is located on the edge of the Browns addition and I couldn't wait to see it!

Lots of cute display pieces...
The crinkly paper was cute on the walls, and I love the green!

Only one negative...they didn't turn on the old school house lights, so it was a little dark. Otherwise, it's a cute little place! And you gotta love the chalkboard signs!!

Later that day I went to my favorite store, Hurd Merchantile, in Rockford. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!

Home decor, garden, cowboy, kitchen, kids, antiques, jewelry, wine...8000 square feet of AMAZING!!!!

Wonderful antiques and displays...

High ceilings, cool lighting...
Next time I need to get there when it opens and stay until it closes...not enough time for me!
Here are the owners....... _______ and Jill! I'm so sorry I can't remember your name!!!! They called each other precious and love and that's what stuck!!!! Jill's husband was running the show last time I was there so I didn't get to meet these lovely ladies until this time. They are as dear as can be, best of friends and seem to have a hoot doing what they do!! I want to be their friend for life...and go shopping with them...and work in that wonderful store!!!!!!
Thanks for the latte Jill!!

I spent the night at my dad's. He likes to go out dancing so I met up with him and a bunch of his friends for a night on the town!!!! He's a great dancer (not me), and all the ladies like to dance with him!! My camera was dead or you'd be seeing some fun pictures!!!!
Home on Sunday, back to work, back to the garden and now I've been cleaning/de-cluttering my house. What a process!!! If you came in right now you'd think I was moving!!!!!
Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!! Good Night!!


  1. Oh Holly, you find the coolest places!!! I love those antique shops, quilt stores, and those old homes!!! What a great weekend trip you had!!

  2. Holly, there must be some sort of mistake. I knew nothing about this trip,and I never received my flight itinerary or anything. I'm sure it was just an oversight. Please don't forget me next time! (PS - your brother is cute. : < >)

  3. Oh my gosh. Good thing I filled my coffee cup because I just read Jayme's post and now yours. Wonderful long posts with wonderful pictures to share with us! Oh how I wish I lived closer to my bloggy friends. As Jenny Matlock says "sigh". Just my kinda of stuff. Your brother I must say, what a hunk, and I do not say that often because I am very happily married and much older but he is. The quilt show looked fantastic and I love the quilt that you said you bought the pattern for. I am cutting up fabric this weekend for a quilt I am taking a mini class on this coming week. It is one of the Fun and Done! Quilting from Prairie Sky Quilting. I am making a twin but it sure takes a lot for the backing. 8 1/2 yards. Oh this is funny. I do not often read others comments and I looked up to see if I missed commenting on anything and saw Jayme's comment. See your brother is a hunk. Have a great holiday weekend. I am planning on posting some pictures of the room re-do soon.

  4. You make me smile (homesick, too) but mostly smile!
    Thanks for posting the photo of you and Charles! Missing you all!!!
    cousin steewie

  5. dear girl.
    oh. my. word. i've been out of the loop with you!! i just caught up on most of your posts since i haven't been a faithful reader. busy summer here at the likkels. i've missed you. have no fear, i'm back! i'm thrilled to see that you still have me #1 on your list. you do love me, you really do. thank you for that. i need your loving. :)

  6. Hi Holly!! MIssed seeing you at Buggy Barn this year, I was stuck at home vehicle-less...thanks for sharing the pics and for al of the other fun spots...hmmm, some of my favs too!!! You pick the best!=)

  7. Hi Holly,
    I missed seeing you at the Buggy Barn show this year!...I was stuck at home vehicle-less, so thanks for sharing the pictures and your other fun spots...some of my favs too!

  8. I like your pictures! I especially like the one of the quilts blowing in the breeze! Good to know you are living life to the fullest...

  9. Just found your blog. Loved the pictures of Hurds. I grew up on a farm not far from there.

  10. You're lucky to have been able to go to The Farm Chicks store, as I see she has now closed it. :( I will have to check out the other store you have shown! It looks just like my "cup of tea"!