Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

The Olympics have begun and what an exciting feeling here in the Pacific Northwest! With Vancouver only 30 miles away I kind of feel like these are MY Olympics!!! I thought the opening ceremonies were beautiful ! I love the "flying boy" with his amber waves of grain. The young girl who sang the national anthem was incredible! I love Canada's national anthem and love to sing along when I hear it! Is that being disloyal to my dear America? I hope not!!! My favorite was the hallelujah song by K.D. Lang. What a haunting, beautiful song. I have this CD and love it. What a powerful voice! I ran upstairs to my son's room to see if I could see the fireworks over B.C. place, but no go! When the weather is clear we can see the lights of Cypress and Grouse Mountain's where some of the skiing events are taking place.

Lynden has set up flags from many nations at the entrance into town to welcome all of the Olympic visitors. They look so pretty lining both sides of the street. My camera couldn't capture the full effect and I had to quickly hop out of the car to get this shot!!!
Being only 3 miles from the border we are quite friendly with the Canadians! They are done often and love to visit the area and shop in our stores!!! Good neighbor's they are!! Some displays set up at the local grocery! Coke needs to come up with some more vibrant colors as the first 2 rings don't stand out very well!!

My first Olympic pin!! Would have had some nice mittens, but Miss Tami ( forgot mine when she was in Whistler this week!!

My husband has been offered tickets, transportation, lodging, etc. by a great sponsor of these games, but has turned them down as he would rather watch from home ( insert gasp, wailing and gnashing of teeth)!!! I don't really want to deal with the hassle, but this is such an opportunity!!! We didn't even go watch the torch pass by, having done this in the 80's down in Seattle!
I will now be glued to the TV for the next 2 weeks, crying with joy for the winners and crying tears of sadness for those whose hopes are dashed. And let's not forget the Georgian athlete who's life was so tragically taken. My prayers go out to his family and teammates.

Enjoy these few weeks of amazing sportsmanship and think of me when you are watching the hills in Vancouver! I'm almost there!!


  1. Wow! I did not know you lived that close to the border. How cool is that? We are probably 5 hours from the Canadian border here in Michigan and many many from your neck of the woods. How fun. Afraid I forgot to watch the opening ceremonies. Been working on some projects and trying to catch up on house work before hubby's boss comes up for a home office visit. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment about my doll house. You are right about generations. Up to three as of now.

  2. It is exciting to be so close, even though we are watching from our TV in our living room. We loved the Opening Ceremony at our house, beautiful music. lighting and dancing.

    Whistler had a buzz in the air last week.

    As I write I have a mitten courier heading up the mountain... hang in there. ;)

  3. Your right I did post three times withing a few hours yesterday. I had planned on spacing it out more but I spent the day cleaning house and finishing the two projects I had planned on posting about over a couple of days. Procrastination.... Then I had that wonderful song playing in my head and decided to search for that also. It was so much easier than I thought. I might have to make it a weekly event and post my favorites each Sunday morning.

  4. We went to see Randy's niece in the LHS musical Friday night, but our friends have a DVR so we will be going to their house sometime this week to watch - can't wait! We're heading up next week on Sunday for our anniversary! Hopefully the red mitten courier will be able to get a pair for both of us!!!!!♥♥♥♥

  5. A beautiful tribute to an amazing event. Thank you.

  6. Courier is Kathi! She is at the luge event today...hoping she gets the goods!