Monday, February 22, 2010

Grab a cup of tea!!

Because I post infrequently, I seem to gather and hoard information for when I do get around to posting, hence another lengthy one!! Sorry, but I do hope you have your tea with you to make it a little more pleasant!!

I dropped by Lynda's on Friday to stitch for a bit and to my surprise and extreme delight, there was a lovely, wrapped gift on the counter with my name on it...literally!
Imagine my surprise when I tore off the paper and found THIS waiting inside!!!!!

Only a tried and true blue friend would have her eye out for this baby!!! Who knew there even was such a thing as The Waltons game??? Not I! And here I thought I was their biggest fan!!!!
This little gem was in perfect condition, had all the pieces and everything!!!

Of course, we had to play it!!! We read the directions, but didn't really get it until the end! After all, it was made for those 7-14 and we were so over qualified that it took us a little while to get back to the thinking of that age!! As true friends, we just played nicely and finished at the same time, declaring us both winners!!!! Late that night I got hubby to play with me, by the rules, and I lost!!!! The only thing that would have been better is if there were little monopoly like figurines of the family! There are two special John Boy cards though!!
Needless to say, I was quite pleased!!!! (okay, very excited!!) Thanks Betty!!

If you've been watching the Olympics at all you know what amazing weather we've been having here. While I've tried to avoid working outside for a little bit longer, the pull of the great outdoors was just too strong!!
Hubby and I got all the raspberries culled, tied up and tied over. It looks so nice and the little buds are already starting to leaf out! If you look closely the cherry tree in the background is flowering too! It was at least 60 degrees out! Don't know how B kept his hat on...mine came off much earlier as I was too HOT!!! Just a long sleeve t-shirt for me!
Tyler mowed the lawn, as did all the neighbors! I got all the fruit trees pruned and some weeding done. I hate to start this so early, but it will get really out of hand if I don't! The rain is supposed to return tomorrow, but that will probably make things grow even faster!!! I did start some broccoli and cauliflower seeds in the house today. Time to plow the garden and get some cool crops in!!

Ashleigh came home for the weekend and we decided to venture up to Vancouver and see what it was all about!!! I'm so glad we did as I would have really regretted it!!! We took the Seabus from North Van over to the city and just walked around taking it all in!!! I'm so glad we did!
This is a view of Robson Street, where they do all of the broadcasting from. Lots of people, but not really too crowded and everyone is so friendly and cheerful!!

There is such excitement in the air and the Canadians are so proud of their city and country! Their cars, houses, bridges, storefronts...basically decked out with flags, banners, posters, etc.! It really is amazing to see!

Big screens all over, billboards of the athletes, shopping and jolly good fun!!

These guys were walking all over posing for pictures with anyone that wanted one! Of course, we did!!!! And they wanted Ashleigh in there with them! I didn't think of that, just asked if I could take their picture!! Ashleigh's wearing her Russian hat that she got while we were there!!
She took Russian last year and has always liked those Russian figure skaters!!! She got a really cute Canadian "Pook" hat too!

I've been looking all over for the Olympic "mitts" and my friends Perry and Linda got their mom to pick up a pair for me and bring them down!! Yea!!! Thanks guys!! Had to get a picture of them with the torch!!

Just that day they took out part of the fence so that people could get better pictures and it really helped. The fence is actually quite far from the flame and it's too bad that there wasn't a better set up for this. It's still amazing to see !

The sails along the waterfront are really pretty too! Vancouver is a gorgeous city and so navigable. No border waits, no traffic, easy parking and lots of fun!!! So glad we went!!

Are you done with your tea??? Just in time!!


  1. I didn't think I would give in to the Olympic hype - but I did! Vancouver looked like a blast - good call mom! I wish we had gone up there - too late now - back to catching up at work after all the playing! I am proud (kind of ) to say we haven't mowed or weeded yet - it's ugly, but it's the principle of the matter!

  2. Such great shots of the Olympics crowd. Amazing how many people are there, and they all look so excited!!

    Your new game is incredible! I had no idea they had a game, either!

    We sure do have a lot in common!! My daughter loves her Kit doll, and that was such a sweet movie. We love Anne of Green Gables, too. I love the chemistry between her & Gilbert.

    I know exactly where Sunset Hill is. There are some lovely views from there. We are on the south hill.

    I am really excited for the Farm Chicks. I hope to see you there, too!! I can't wait, I know it will be a wonderful time.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!!


  3. I did not know there was a Walton's game. I just complained to hubs that they do not show Walton repeats the other day. Hub's always watches the Bonanza and Mash re-runs. He thinks I need to watch during the afternoon for the Waltons. Humm. At work. Our gardens are still under the snow. Re-planting our raspberries this year. They were here when we moved in and they are quite piddly.

  4. I just found your blog. I LOVE the Waltons. Watched them all the time as a kid and would watch the reruns if I knew when they were on. Glad you are having good weather up there in the PNW. It was 14 degrees here this morning. Still winter time. No lawn mowing or garden plowing going on here. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I just LOVE hearing from others. I'll be back!

  5. I'm so glad you got the mittens. I kept trying to get them for you and just kept coming up empty handed...
    The Walton's game is perfect for you. It pretty much makes you a Walton!

  6. Just "found" your blog...and was thrilled to see you get a game to match your love for the Waltons. I'll come back to read more, but had to smile when I saw this post & your happiness at receiving such a thoughtful gift!

  7. Wow Holly! A Waltons game! That is so cool! The rest of the time looks pretty amazing,too! Good for you!

  8. Thanks for visiting today Holly!! Glad you're enjoying the blog. A chicken panini sounds amazing!!! Yummm!! I love panini's. I love sandwiches. I love food!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!