Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy LoVe Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I hope you're all having a special day with the ones you love.
I'm not in to the flowers, dinner, jewelry thing, but I do like to decorate a little and frosted sugar cookies are a must!!! I thought I'd just share a little of the love displays around my home...Enjoy!!

A special pillow given to my by my Bff Lynda!
This is one of the quilts I've made in an attempt to make a heart quilt every Valentine's Day. I have failed the last 2 years!!!! So now the ones that I have made are Extra Special!!! (You never know if there will be another one!)
I've been collecting scrabble tiles and came up with some little displays! The flower display is one my mom gave me years ago and now that she is no longer with me I really enjoy having it where I'm reminded of her. And, today would have been hers and my dads 45th wedding anniversary!
A little book of love with Tyler's tolo boutonniere on top.

Another snugly love quilt!

Got some nice "pretend" tulips at Michaels and they really brighten up the table! I think they look pretty real, too!

Love is patient, love is kind...

Some old heart cookie cutters and some more scrabble tiles.

My favorite chalkboard with my fun, new chalkboard pens!

Have a great day with the ones you love and treasure every moment!


  1. Oh Wonderful!!! What fun to have you in my home full time to decorate, make cute little scrapbooks, divine dinners and beautiful flower arrangements! When can you be here?

  2. Holly, I love your quilts. Made with love I'm sure. Hmmm. Maybe I'll be looking for scrabble tiles to decorate with. Certainly not to play the game with, because I need spell check to Blog with. I forgot to tell you I had to take off the word check on my blog so I could enter one of the card challenges. They would not look if it was on. Then I had trouble with the weird comments from anonymous, so I had to add that little gadget to check the comments first. Not as much fun as getting on your blog and there are your friends comments.

  3. Chalkboard pens? What are those? Love your scrabble tiles. And the cookie cutters!

  4. love your scrabble decorations!!! I LOVE your quilts, I've been tempted to make a quilt, but I have enough hobbies I never have time to get to!!♥♥♥♥

  5. Your quilts are so pretty. We are working on our first quilts. What a clever idea with the Scrabble pieces. We just started our blog, stop on by: