Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Beautiful Day!!!???

The dad's said, earlier in the year, that if grades were good, the boys were good-harder than the grades lately...that they could take a day off school and head up to Mt. Baker for some snowboarding! Today was that day!!! It poured rain all night, but they were determined to head up the mountain! Max, Tyler and Sierra. They talked Sierra into this...she's never been snowboarding, but Tyler guaranteed her that she'd have a good time!
The sun was shining here all day as you can see by my windows. I didn't want to get too close as then you'd see the dirt too!

This, however, is a picture of Mt. Baker, taken at the same time!!! Doesn't look too friendly up there! Looks like rain and fog to me! Hope they're having fun!!!

For those of you watching the Olympics, if you see the medal ceremony tonight, I should be there!!! But I won't be, because hubby didn't want to go!!!!!! I'm having big remorse right now! Our good friends had extra tickets and asked us to go, but we turned them down:( What kind of friends are we? And what about them?? They could have begged us or forced us to go with them, but noooo!!! To add a little more pain, the Americans will be presented with a gold medal tonight for snowboard cross. I could be singing the national anthem with my country men and neighbors, but instead, I'll be working. The sadness is almost more than I can handle!


  1. I could have dressed up like Brian and pretended to know a lot grocery stores like Piggly Wiggly and sodi pop. We could have fooled them and been at the Olympics. We gotta think faster. If you're still wanting the mittens, the Bay sells them a lady told us when we were in Vancouver last Monday. Perhaps they sell them online????
    If not, we better get knitting.

  2. Hi Holly,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and signing up to follow. So glad you found me!
    You've got a good eye! I do live in Spokane and am about about 90 miles from Priest Lake. My family has been going there since 1960. We even have a web site: www.priestlakehaven.com Where do you live?

    By the way, I love the Walton's, too! I sure wish they had more shows like that on television these days.

  3. Max told Mr. Wolffis that he wasn't in school because he had an eye problem.

    Just couldn't SEE comin' to school.

    One of his Dad's classic sayings.

  4. Hey holly. Thanks for visiting my blog and the supportive comments about my son having to clean the toilets. I'm following you now! Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi fellow Pacific North-Westerner!! Hasn't this Weather been the most Fabulous Gift this past week!!! Let the Sunshine!!
    I love your fireplace in your living room, Beautiful!!!

  6. I can't believe you turned the tickets down! You have a beautiful home to watch them from though.