Thursday, January 21, 2010

Treasures, Vintage Syle!

Well, all except for this one!! Miss Tami,, encouraged me to do a post on my Thrift Store finds, so here we go!!!
Our school, Lynden Christian, has a wonderful thrift store, open Wed. through Saturday. Wednesday is the day to go as all of the new donations that have come in all week are put out that morning. There is a crowd and it's really interesting to see the way people "make it" to the front of the line!!! Anyway, my Wed. job does not start til 10:00 now so I have time to join the crowd at 9:00!!! Whoo hoo!!

This lovely Longaberger basket was holding a variety of items, so I don't think anyone realized it was for sale...but I did!!!! Grabbed that baby and put it in the cart!!!! This was a pricier item, as everyone knows what they're worth now, but still a good deal!
Scored a couple of these lovely picnic baskets. The top one doesn't have a lid, but at $1.99 it will make a great planter!! or book holder!! or???? The bottom one has this great lift out tray. I've never seen this before. Don't know if they usually come with them and people just got rid of them, but I like it!! I have them sitting on my front porch. A little early, but yesterday was a balmy 60 degrees! Sounds like picnic weather to me!!!

I got these beauties in Leavenworth over Christmas. Love the red!!

I've recently started a collection of cow bells...because I didn't have enough collections!! Kind of fun, but I need to find a better place for them.

I've read a lot of blogs recently regarding after-Christmas decorating. Every one's seeming to have a lot of trouble, myself included! I have this beautiful brand new, blank canvas and am really having a hard time deciding what to put where. Things are looking a little stark!!!
I've started a new job at the library and am really enjoying it! Only 4 hr shifts, so it gives me time to do other stuff. Today was so nice that I worked outside, and did some cleaning in the garage and shop. I put all my Hubbard squash and onions in the shop for the winter, but with all the warm weather my squash went bad. Threw all of it out today:( Love that I have onions for the entire year though!! I'd really like to have a root cellar. If anyone knows how to build one, underground, not into a hill, let me know!
Finals are over, tomorrow's a day off for everyone, except B, but he's taking half a day. Hopefully we'll get out of Dodge for a bit and enjoy this time off!!


  1. Fun stuff - just don't let any bats get in your belfrey!! :-) Thanks for dropping the books off - I was going to get around to it - honest! I'll be so glad when I'm done with this inventory monster - hopefully by tomorrow!

  2. Cute baskets- I didn't do so well. Next week!

  3. hi nice baskets and nice blog looking for fellow canners for more info hope to talk soon...god bless

  4. Love the picnic baskets. I have one that is similar but does not have that bottom. The bells are neat. I have been threatening to find a large dinner bell to get Jeff's attention when he is outside and I am calling him during gardening time. I have a couple of small Longaberger baskets from a home party I had years ago. I do not ever find them when they are affordable though. Have a good weekend!

  5. Love your finds!

    Love those red brushes!

    The basket with the tray in it is a pie basket. I have a few myself and I just adore them. Give them a Google...

  6. with all those cow should head to the olympics! Fun ideas!