Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Gorgeous Day!

I had a doctor's appointment in Bellingham yesterday. Just routine, but since I was there I thought I 'd do a little shopping/browsing as I don't get down there very often. I went to The Greenhouse and saw this pretty little (big) chair. Very comfy!!! We have a smaller version of this chair. It belonged to Brian's grandparents and now we have it!! We had it recovered, but now I want it to look like this!!!
I went to a couple of antique stores also, but not a thing to be had:( It will save us another trip Lynda!!!!
I also went to a soap making supply store called Otion. They have a ton of different scents that you can add to your soaps and lotions. I've been making my own laundry soap and wanted to make it smell good instead of the neutral smell that it is! I got my favorite: oatmeal, milk and honey; grass stain, which smells like fresh grass; sage and lemon grass; and fresh snow, which kind of smells like a mild Tide. Hope it works!! If not, I'll just use it when I make regular soap! I drove past Bellingham Bay and it was so beautiful!! The water looks tropical!! So many colors!

It was about 60 degrees outside, the sun was shining, and the view outstanding!!

This morning the fog was over the fields, the sun was shining and Mt. Baker was out in all her glory! Pictures of that are on the other camera, however!!!
Off to work now! Enjoy the day!!


  1. HOLLY!!!

    I remember you ! This has totally made my day!Im so glad you found me on here! We didnt make it to FC last year and sadly I wont be there this year, my daughter is getting married ! I think Pam might go, Im not sure..... she has a blog here too, My Grandkids Rock, she is on my list.
    Whats new with all of you and how in the world did you find me? This is so cool! Hope all is well with all of you and please tell everyone hello!
    Take Care and have a great week !

  2. Hi Holly! Sounds like a good day despite the doctor visit. What kind of laundry soap do you make. My youngest daughter just made the one she found from the Dugger (I really do not know the spelling of their name) family. She said their cloths smell cleaner than they did before and she was really happy with what the cost was. Would she just add a little of the scent to each bottle that she mixes up from the large batch? Oh man, 60 degrees, I am so envious. It has gotten colder here again, back into the 20s at night and I think its sticking in the low 30s during the day. Need some sun!

  3. Just think - across that bay my husband was working on Eliza Island. He said that today the water was as smooth as glass all day! We are so blessed where we live!! :-)

  4. When are you posting the laundry detergent recipe? You are such a pioneer woman.