Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cooking and Cleaning!

Happy New Year everyone!! It's been so long since I've posted...sorry about that!!
We had such a great Christmas, but things went downhill quickly and I've had trouble getting out of my funk! It's been 3 weeks of hurt, sadness, frustration and crankiness. People have disappointed and I'm sure I've disappointed also. I feel like a bad mother, wife, friend, etc. I'm questioning everything and I hate living that way. I covet your prayers and I will say that things have improved greatly, but I'm a bit leery at this point!!

On a happy note....the pantry is FINISHED!!!!!!!! No more food in my bedroom! Living out of boxes, card tables and temporary shelving for the last 13 months has not been my favorite thing, although I've handled it better than I thought...right honey???

After a major leak that went into the ceiling and down the walls into my pantry in Nov of 08, we had to rip everything out. Drywall, flooring, shelving...everything! I never did like the slatted metal shelving that was in there and the shape of my pantry is a triangle, so it wasn't all that functional either. So handy honey decided to take on this project of building me a shelving unit and utilizing some more space. He did such a great job!! I love it!

This is the center unit. I wanted to have a place just for baking items with a little table area. I have a few cake mixes I need to start using!!!
I collect old Thermos's but after the remodel, I had no place for them....until now!!! Love them! Hate the light fixture! I'm thinking maybe a cute little chandelier?

This is the genius area of the pantry! As I've said, the pantry is a triangle with the side walls being totally useless. Brian came up with the plan to use the space between the studs for shelving!! We haven't done the other side yet, but isn't this great?? Every thing's adjustable too, so I can change things around.

Hard to get a picture of the whole thing, but hopefully you get the idea. I'd love to replace the door with a screen door so that's what I'm on the look out for!

The laundry room also got finished...almost!
Got the old wooden cooler at the Farm Chickshttp://thefarmchicks.com sale last year and the wringer at Seabold Vintage Markethttp://seaboldvintagemarket.blogspot.com.

When we bought the house the cupboards were all arranged differently...very weirdly actually!! So a few years ago we changed things around and it works a lot better. Because we had a major leak here as well, we needed new flooring. It was so hard to find what I wanted! I was hoping for something solid as it meets up with tile in the hallway. Finding solid, and dark was next to impossible! Finally found one I liked, ordered it, and the company had closed!!!!

Back to square one!!! Found an Armstrong floor that was close so I settled for that! ( At this point I am very tired of making decisions!!) I really like it though! Got my wooden bench at the Farm Chicks show too!! I painted all the walls and Brian put up all new trim.

Some of my baskets on top of the fridge in the laundry room.

Love the little red cowgirl boots!!

My old washer and dryer were 25 years old, so I'd been saving all year for a new set. I knew if I didn't put money aside, they'd break down and I'd be stuck! So I squirreled away my money and Brian's parents gave us money for Christmas. There was a BIG black Friday sale and some rebates too, so now I have a new W and D!! Plus, Whirlpool ran out of the dryer I ordered, so I got an upgrade to the steam dryer! Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds cool!

I'm really pleased with how every thing's turned out and glad that I waited to do everything and didn't settle just to get things done! I also painted the kitchen and the interior of my big hutch. Finished painting a part of the upstairs that wasn't done, got all my Christmas down and put away (which depresses me greatly!) and started working on a quilt!!

I am, however, SICK of projects!!!!! I just want to do something fun for awhile!!! Like quilt, or scrapbook, or nap!!!!
I am blessed beyond belief and deserve none of the blessings I've been given. God is so good and so faithful and while it's been a tough few weeks, we're healthy, have nice clothes, running vehicles, food to eat, a roof over our heads and most important, the promise of Heaven. Thanks for sticking with me!!!


  1. Everything looks amazing! I'm glad things are getting better.

    I have a remodel gift for you, friend. Yes, I have a screen door in my garage, moved many times and still no use for it. It's pretty primitive, and you like that, right?

    Scrapping tomorrow night? I'm planning on it ;)

  2. Holly,
    I am sorry your year has started out on a bad note. But just keep giving it to God and all will be good in his time. Love that you have shown us some more of your remodel. I would love such a nice pantry. Your hubby did a great job! Mine is laid up so all our winter projects are on hold. Hope you get to go scrapping I would love to be able to do that with a friend. I love all your collections! Hope your week just keeps on getting better!

  3. I found you blog on The Farm chicks and had to check out your remodle. I love your pantry, so big. I love the decore in your house too.
    Everything looks great.

  4. Wow! What a pantry, I only dream of having one that large and organized! Your home remodel is beautiful.
    It was great to have you over the other night - sorry I ate all your M & M's-just couldn't stop I guess it's time for dreaded "DIET"!

  5. Love your style - I just need to come down and take a peak!!

  6. I am green with envy over your pantry. Can I live at your house:) You guys did a great job on the remodel!

  7. Everything looks great...maybe you should come decorate my hutch! haha!!!

    I love the pantry. It's huge and AND is filled with food - fabulous! :)