Friday, March 8, 2013


Before all else, I must thank everyone who left me such kind words after my pity party post last week. You are all dears and I treasured every word!!!

There has been improvement. Communication helps and so does time...and coffee with sweet friends! All is well!  My friend Tami had a wonderful post yesterday which captured a lot of what I'm feeling. What's a mom to do when she's no longer in the throws of motherhood? I don't have to cook for anyone, or do laundry for anyone but myself, although hubby brings some home, but he often does it himself! My house doesn't get dirty, grocery shopping is minimal, and I don't enjoy going out just for the sake of going out! I'm not sure where to put my focus now and so I'm not really focused on anything.

I've decided to try and accomplish "something" each day. Some of you are rolling your eyes and some of you can relate. I've started exercising and volunteering at church. Yard work is screaming at me!!  I tackled some painting projects that I've been needing (not wanting...there's a difference!) to do. It's sad how I can look past what needs to be done because I've become so accustomed to ignoring it!

Got out my ASCP and some sandpaper and went to town. It didn't even take me an hour...pathetic that I've put it off for so long!!

An old table that I got at a garage sale...

And an old luggage rack that I can't remember where I found it!

Also, I finally painted the ceiling in our office. If you recall, this room remodel was finished last spring...Now it's officially done!!!

It's a beautiful day here! I've been able to put my clothes on the line again (squeal of delight)!  I really, really love line dried clothes. I hung my sheets out the other day and they still smell so fresh. It's a simple joy that puts a smile on my face! So I leave you with some shirts billowing in the breeze!

Enjoy the weekend!!


  1. It is truly hard to make these adjustments in our lives Holly. But you have hobbies and are talented in your projects that you do so I expect you will fill the void once you get a few more months under your belt. Same here. I can do my laundry for the week in 2 or 3 loads, small loads. Hubs does his own since he works here at home. Love the paint jobs. Do you enjoy that paint. I have not tried it yet. Is it as easy as everyone says? No sanding, ect? Keep plugging away at things! Everything is still snow covered here. Supposed to warm up this weekend, hoping to see the ground again.

  2. Oh my... I "stole" your title today! I hadn't seen yours yet... hmmm perhaps great minds think alike? ;)

    I saw Tami's post and it really hit home for me. Although you know the empty nest thing is coming it still seems to come as a surprise somehow. I have to say that the wedding prep really helped last year but since the fall it's been a bit, well interesting...

    Hope you're enjoying this fabulous weekend we are having,

  3. Oops...and ps... now I REALLY want that clothesline!


  4. Sounds like you found some lovely "cures" for the days of wondering what to do...Hate to say it, but I'm still struggling with finding my spot and my kids are soon going to be celebrating college reunions!

    On the days it really gets me down, I try to go with "whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it as to the Lord". One foot in front of the other some days...

    The beauty of having time is that you have the luxury of contemplation...and that is helping me find new purpose more than anything.

    Soldier on, Momma! It's a different season, but you never stop being one...

  5. The sight of those clean shirt blown by the breeze makes think of happy days in Spring. Lovely. Got my eye on your next posts.