Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Really Fun Barn!

My friend, Linda, has a son getting married tomorrow. She is hosting the rehersal dinner tonight and I was lucky enough to help decorate. Linda has such a wonderful eye and such vision. Everything turned out so beautifully! Her lovely daughter Kaityln was home from Cali. for the wedding, so I got to spend the day with both of them...too fun! Kaityln is getting married in September so she and I were exchanging ideas!

And what a fun venue!! I've really been feeling the need to purge, simplify, get rid of stuff, etc.. I can't get rid of anything...I may even need to collect more!!!!!

An old barn with the upper floor removed. There is a little area on each end with seating and more goodies. The owner has been collecting items for 15 years...he's acquired quit a bit! The daughter used to cater for Bert Reynolds so there are a lot of signed photos of celebrities hanging on the walls. Really cute, rustic, and fun decor!


Now for some decor! Simple and elegant. Burlap, fresh flowers, pops of color, candles and mason jars.


A picture of the bride and groom, Kyle and Ally.

 Mike was doing all the running around, but paused for a picture with his girls!

 Such fun playing with these ladies!!! Love you both!


  1. By any chance is that the Kranz Koop in Ferndale? I ask because my daughter's best friend in high school was James Kranz and his parents owned an old chicken coop just like this that we spent a few high school sports medicine barbeques at! My husband talks about it to this day!

  2. I could stand there and look around all day! What a collection on the walls.

    The decor is very nice. Cute Cute Cute!

  3. Wow! Love the venue. You were the perfect friend to help out at this barn. The burlap and flowers are pretty too.

  4. I'll try to comment, again...
    I love the barn, the decor, everything. The burlap is great with the flowers. I'm always taking rehearsal dinner notes and this one is great.
    Best Wishes to the happy couple! And to Kyle's mama. ;)

  5. Wow! What a cool venue!

    I love evewrything there! This looks like so much fun!