Saturday, May 14, 2011

Strolling in the Country

When you live in the country, as I do, you may encounter strange things when you go out walking. Such as a cow. In the road. Not just any cow, but a Norman!

She was quite distressed at being on the outside looking in! The other girls were quite sympathetic and followed her up and down the fence line. There was some serious communication going on between them (mooing).
She didn't want any help from us!!

But the girls continued to follow us until the fence made the corner. It's funny to have one or two cows come up to the fence to greet you and then watch the other 50 or so join in! It's like they think they'll miss something if they don't get up from their slumber! I can only imagine the gossip!!

Here are some of the goodies I got at Petite Retreat: some bread pans and a muffin tin. It doesn't look like much, but oh, the possibilities!

This is one that I had before, connecting bread pans. They worked so well in my sewing desk drawer, that I knew I could use some more.

The top drawers are pretty shallow and this fit just perfectly. Plus, I like things to be easily seen and this lets me find just the right button!!

Too bad there wasn't one more pan. I'll have to keep my eyes out!!

I am finally adjusting to the fact that I love to organize more than I like to actually "do" something. Seeing things all in their place just does it for me!!

Garden plowed and staked today...planting tomorrow, if it doesn't rain!!!


  1. Oh look at you! Love the buttons all sorted out and the bread pans are perfect. Hubs has tilled but it has been raining all weekend and I have hardly bought any seedlings year. Rain, rain,rain. Hey can you post pictures of the Family Reunion quilt as you work on it? I would love to see how it is working up. Are you using the same color scheme or your own colors? Have I ever told you my grandfather was a dairy farmer. I love cows. Love to pet their faces. Have a great day Holly!

  2. Our garden is ready to be planted to...........someday when the sun shines! Great finds! I LOVE organizing too!!

  3. The cow photos are great and of course no one could possibly tire of seeing green grass. Thanks for stopping by my blog...........Denise

  4. Love the Jersey girls! When I was a girl that whole area had fields and fields of my Grandpa's Jerseys. I rode my pony down that road and they followed along the fence line. LoVe!