Saturday, May 7, 2011

Girls Day Out

Yesterday Lynda, Ashleigh and I headed down south to Camano Island to attend Petite Retreat.
My baby and my bestie!
Deb Kennedy of Petite Retreat has a new home and is now open for business. Such a quaint little shop full of delight! I want this stove in my kitchen!

Some items from Seabold Vintage Market. Liz has the most incredible fabric and knows just what to do with it! Look at that laundry bag! And those pillows??? I hope to someday have at least one gracing my bed!

Deb has such a gift for putting things together and is known for her all white shabby chic! I just want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book when I'm there!

I realize that I have a picture of this Farmer's Market sign, but I don't recall seeing it!!!! That would look really great in my home!

When Deb first bought this house, she sent me a picture because it looks like the Walton's house!!! Lucky her!! Isn't she adorable? Such a sweetie and beautiful to boot!!

We stopped at a few quilt shops and antique stores, had lunch at Haggen, and then got some fresh bread at Great Harvest.

Oh. And we laughed. A lot!!!!!


  1. What is a Petite Retreat? Is Seabold a store? What a fun day!!

  2. I wanted to go, but didn't make it. Next time... and maybe a stay at the cabin on Camano Island. They are actually open again this weekend but I am too depressed about the weather to make an effort.
    So glad you went and had fun! And yes! Let's have a scrap night. Soon.

  3. LOL Janice, a Petite Retreat is a small vintage event! But we've grown into bigger shows, so now our events are called Retreat Vintage Markets and you can find info at http://www.Retreat Vintage We have one with 20+ vendors coming up on June 25th!

    Seabold Vintage Market is another SMALL show on Bainbridge Island - but Liz sells her goods at shows like Farm Chicks and Retreat Vintage Market, too!

    And Miss Holly, it was SUCH a treat to see your sweet smiling face! Thank you so much for coming to see us... you can 'borrow' my porch any time ;0)

    Deb @ Retreat