Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beauty is all Around...and some other stuff!

It's still in the 50's around here, but at least no rain for the last few's coming though!

The cold has extended the bloom life of everything though so it's nice to have a little color! My tulips have been blooming for over a month!
I love bleeding hearts! What an amazing flower! I love that God throws in fun little goodies here and there!! As He does everywhere, but a heart? How joyful!

Some geraniums...

And, Jacob's ladder... Most of the garden is in and although it's shivering, it is growing...a little!

The lettuce is poking through after only four days :) I can't wait for some fresh greens!

We have some new family members...Elfie and Indie. I was not involved in the naming otherwise there would be a Sophie in there!!

Hubby started, and finished, a project this weekend. I didn't have my camera for the before pic, and I'm too lazy to look for an old one!

We (I held them up!) put up shutters! The windows with the rock had no trim and always looked a little prison like! We haven't decided if we want them on top yet. Any opinions? The windows on top would look bigger than the bottom because of the added trim, so we're just not sure!

We did do the side of the garage and I really like how they turned out. It's one of those things that you do, but no one really notices!! Seems like they've always been there!

I must say this is the fastest project we've ever done!!!!

Off to work!!


  1. My lilacs and bleeding hearts are just starting to bloom. It has been in the 50s around here too....

    I love how shutters look on a house. They make it look so warm and inviting.

  2. The new shutters look great!

    I have tulips that have lasted for over a month... and I think my magnolia set a record for how long the blooms stayed on the tree.

    My garden has been slow to wake up... even my plants that are IN the greenhouse are taking their time. I guess everything will be a little late this year. They just started prepping our property to plant potatoes this year. I was looking forward to it until the kept coming back to work the field AT NIGHT! They've been here 4 out of 6 nights. After this I may not be able to sleep withouth the sound of a tractor outside of my bedroom :)

    Enjoy your long weekend,

  3. Just putting the garden in this coming weekend. We have been getting rained on all week or we would have started earlier in the week. It is chilly today and suppose to drop into the 40's again tonight and then we are suppose to get into the 80's over the next couple of days. What a roller coaster the weather has been this spring. I like the shutters I think either way with or without would be fine on the top floor.

  4. Beautiful pics of flowers! I need more perrenials here - we've never stayed anywhere long enough to get the yard to where I liked it - so maybe this time?!?! :) Tyler got more kitties?!?! Em will be jealous! Ours brought a bird in last night!!!!

  5. Your shutters are fabulous! Love all the flower pics, and those kitties? Fogettaboud it. I love kitties and miss them with their little needle claws.