Monday, September 19, 2011

Last weekend we were invited to attend dinner and a concert at Chateau St. Michelle in Woodinville.  It was such a glorious evening...full moon and everything!

The winery has a nice room off the gift shop where they hold private dinners. It's full of wine barrels and actually leads to the barrel rooms.

We were guest of a vendor and attended with a few other employees. There are some wonderful perks to hubby's job!!

We were served some wonderful food!! Crab cakes, delightful little shrimp things!!!! Lamb, rice with yummy sauce...a few more courses and of course fabulous desserts!!!! There was a different wine to go with each course. I'm told they were fabulous, but I'm not a big wine fan so I didn't have any with dinner!

I did, however, have the dessert wine!!! It was called "Late Harvest" and it was so good!!!! Sweet and rich, but not overpowering. I had half a glass and it took me all night to drink half of that!!!!
Then it was time for the concert!!! The winery does outdoor concerts all summer long. It's such a great venue! People bring in blankets, chairs and these AMAZING picnics!!!! Sometimes even a little BBQ to cook things on!! And of course, they bring wine!!!  We're fortunate to be able to sit in the reserved seating area with a big wine and dessert area. They also serve coffee, water, etc.
The first band we saw was Human League...remember them???? "Don't you want me baby" was the only song I could think of, but as they played I recognized quite a few more. They were actually really good!! And from a distance they didn't even look that old!!
The best part of these concerts, for me, is watching all the middle-aged people, who have been drinking all night, start dancing like they were teenagers!!! One should be sober to get the full effect!!!
The next bad was the B-52's and this mom and daughter were prepared. It's hard to see the full beehive on this little girl, but it's there!!!

We were actually pretty disappointed in them. All there songs sound the same! The guy never really sings...just talks through every song. A lot of people left early, including us!

Great company and hosts and a really fun night!!!


  1. Next time take me - I'll drink your wine!! I'm just nice that way! Hope to see you on scrap day!

  2. FuN! You and Brian look so cute. Too bad about the B52's tho.
    I too would be happy to help with the wine drinking :)

  3. What fun! You guys look so cute! My husband would have loved the wine tasting. I'd have been nursing my half glass right along with you! That's too bad on the B-52's. I would have thought they'd have been great.