Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Is Coming!

Happy Labor Day!!!!

It's been a gloriously, beautiful weekend here...our summer has arrived, albeit a tad bit late!!!
Yesterday after church, we all went out to lunch and then to the mall for a bit. My daughter talked me into doing this:

 Piercing my ears!!!!!! I had them pierced when I was a girl, but over the years had trouble and just let them go. Now I'm back with the in-crowd!!!! Well, maybe not, since regular ear piercing doesn't seem to be the norm anymore!!!

The last garage sales of the summer were the best all year!!!
I got this cool green scale. I love that is says "American Family Scale" on the front!!

Some vintage games, including the original Candy Land game!!!! The blue gingerbread man is missing, but it has all the original instructions, game board, etc. The Flinch game still has it's cards wrapped. It's from 1962! Lots of old dominoes and some new ones. Old flash cards and clipboards.
I also got some old ledgers and notebooks from the University of Washington. Never used!!!! A fabulous old, butter yellow, wool blanket and a new boat!!!!
 Okay, so it's a paddle boat!!! But it's in great shape and we've wanted one for the pond. We took a little tour  and did a lot of weeding from the water! Very handy!!!
Our pond looks so big in this picture!!!

We're starting to clean out the garden. My beans, corn and squash are still going strong, but we took out the broccoli, peas, lettuce, and all the junky stuff. I've dug some potatoes, but will leave most in the ground for awhile yet. My carrots are HUGE!!! Should have pulled them all and tried to store them, but no room!!!! My freezers are full and I still have to make room for corn!!!

I love having provisions lined up for the fall and winter!!
Starting to think about cozy things.....sweaters, soup, baking, resting, quilting, etc. The nights are cooling down and getting crisp. The leaves are just starting to turn. The mornings are foggy and cool and the moon has an orange glow about it.

Fall is coming!!!!


  1. Your pond is so pretty. So are the sunflowers.
    You found some great games. I came across my Walton's game recently. I have never played it, but had to have it! Do you have t hat one? If not, you need it!
    I haven't been in a paddle boat for years. That sounds like fun.
    I need to get my ears re-pierced. I can't get my earrings in anymore. I am sure you will enjoy having your ears done again!! Now you need a nice set of ruby or diamond earrings!!

  2. great post!!
    fall is in the air and that makes me happy :)
    no more disappointing summer weather just fall days and evening with no expectations....
    oh, and ilove love love fall light!

  3. Wow, how cool is your own pond! And a paddle boat no less to go with!

    My garden is still producing lots, in fact I think my tomato crop has gone crazy... this year I may even try homemade, canned ketchup since I have so many!

    I'm looking forward to soup and sweater weather, although finally getting some summer was certainly nice!


  4. Oh look at your beautiful garden scene. We canned salsa yesterday. Had to throw out some tomatoes because we had a crazy storm here Sat. AM. Power out from 9ish Sat. until Sunday between 2 and 3 pm. A lot of reading and crocheting going on here. Our garden was not great this year. To hot in July and I was burnt out on the yard from earlier in the summer. Have a great week Holly! Oh yeah, your finds are superb!

  5. My produce needs my attention! I have beets, beans and corn to deal with right now! I think I'm going to try blanching and freezing green beans this year. Too overwhelmed for canning! Hope to see you on scrappin' day!

  6. Your blog title caught my eye. Loved the Walton's and wish for more simpler times like it was then. I love your pond, it's so much cleaner than ours. Enjoyed my visit, you have a nice blog!

  7. Ouch on the ears. I'm still wincing on that. I love those little paddle boats! What fun for you!

    That scale is really wonderful!