Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is it too late?

It's still December, so I'm not calling it quits on Christmas yet!! After not being able to upload any of my pictures for awhile, now it's a little overboard!! But I wanted to share some Christmas decor, so enjoy!!

I had two big parties, two nights in a row so I went all out this year! I decorated 7 trees, various sizes, and had four more that just had lights. It was a lot of work, but I love the house all decorated up!!!! Next year I'm starting in early November!!! I'm not ready to take it down quite yet...still hoping for some snow!!! Plus, I just don't have the energy or time to put it all away!!

Anyway.... here's the game table in my sitting area. I was really into the balls in vases this year. I got so much stuff at the thrift store for next to nothing!
A corner in the entry. I made this quilt for my mom years ago. She picked out the pattern...wanted something with "Holly"!!!! Now that she's gone, I have it up at my house.
The laundry room...I didn't count these trees as decorated ones, even though there are a few snowflakes around!! I should have taken a better picture, but on the bench is a box of Holly Washing Soda...old!!!! My friend Lynda got it for me for Christmas last year and I love it!! I keep it out all year!

Some stitchies and the top of the shelf...

All the Gooseberry Patch Christmas and a few more of my favorites!

My new scale and the basket of hot drink goodies!

I love my little toy stove!!!! Got some gingerbread cooling on it!

My big hutch...I need to get some lights for this. I think it would look a lot prettier and show what's in there better.

My kitchen tree with the Starbucks theme!! I love this tree!!

I've been working on this quilt for two years, all red work and hand stitched. I finally had it quilted and now get to enjoy looking at it!!

I love the Demdaco/Willow Tree nativity! So meaningful.
I really wanted to change things up this year, especially after seeing all the decorations at Grandiflora. They had all cream and aqua and silver and it looked so pretty!! But I couldn't justify the expense of changing everything out so I did the same old thing...and LOVED it!!!! Nothing in my house is sparkly and that other tree would have looked so out of place!! Glad I stuck with the traditional!!
My Grandma has given us all the gold ornaments for years and we have about 50 of them. My kids love to see what ones are theirs and they add a lot of sparkle!! Along with red balls and icicles, I've made all the rest...snowmen, Santa's, etc. Very homey!!

Hopefully I'll get something new made for next year, because I'm keeping this theme!!

A little side note: Hubby and I went to a garage sale tw0 months ago at a neighbors and they had a tree wrapped up in a tarp and for sale for $5.oo. It was pre-lit and barely used, from Costco, but didn't fit in their house. Of course, I had to by it, much to my husband's chagrin! (he did NOT want me to get another tree!!) But I figured the tarp and bungees were worth $5.00 so we took it home and put it in the shop!!! We brought it in after Thanksgiving to see what it looked like and loved it!!!! It's a gorgeous tree and everything worked!!! Needless to say, hubby has commented over and over again on what a great tree it is!!!!

Okay, back to Christmas!! B and I baked sugar cookies...the only baking I did this year! Everyone wanted sugar cookies and didn't care much about the rest...nor did they want to help, so I kept it simple this year. Kind of nice and better for us too!!!
Tyler took it upon himself to shake every package and tell us what was in them!!! Sad to say, he guessed pretty accurately on most of them. We didn't tell him that of course, but he was pleasantly surprised and impressed with himself on Christmas morning!!

Christmas Eve at Papa and Grandma's house.
Ty in his pretty Christmas clothes including the Christmas light boxers!!

Christmas dinner...

It was quite a relaxing Christmas this year, very low key and low stress. I liked it a lot!!!!
We had a beautiful Christmas Eve service which always puts the focus where it belongs, on God's greatest gift, his son.
I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and that 2011 brings you many blessings!!


  1. Eleven trees! You are very ambitious! Enjoyed seeing your decorations.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Your decorations are beautiful. I just LOVE your winter wonderland quilt! Happy New Year.

  3. Oh Holly, I just love all your decorations. Toy Stove--Oh my. I love the trees too. Your hutch is amazing. Love the banner on it and think lights would be great. Looks like a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you and your family a fabulous New Year

  4. Oh wonderful. I love your red work quilt. Pattern? Is it still available. LOVE IT...want to make one..did you buy a kit? Or just a pattern? Thanks..and by the way..I will be back at Farm Chicks this year. Hope to see you there.

  5. I love it! It looks like you had a very nice Christmas and a beautiful one too. I love your trees.
    Oh, and the Holly quilt made me tear up just a little...

  6. Holly your home looks beautiful!

    I too spent a lot of time at the thrift store in Lynden. Got some fabulous vintage Christmas items and am now looking for vintage baby stuff for a shower I'll be hosting.

    My mom made that same quilt! She just finished hers this past fall, I think she got the pattern at Folktales.

    Your new scale is fantastic, LOVE the colors. I've been looking for a vintage kitchen stove too. Inspired by the Farm Chicks of course!

    Happy New Year,

    PS the "peach palace" is on Grover (not Front St). Two blocks from Fairway Center/True Value... ya can't miss it, it's the ONLY peach house around :)

  7. I am glad you still shared your pretty pictures with us. I love your tree very special. I have made a lot of our ornaments also. Happy New year Holly!

  8. Seven trees?! WOW!

    Your home looks so lovely! I absolutely love the quilt you did-it is so gorgeous. I hears somewhere that the average quilt takes the average person two years to complete! I think you were right on time. :) Did you get the patterns for the stitcheries somewhere?

    All the best for 2011!

  9. Yout lovely house embodies the spirit of Christmas from every shimmering ball to the happy faces of everyone there.


    Love your furniture, too, and that little toy stove...I'm going out to e-bay right now to see if I can find something similar. Really adorable.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely holiday.