Monday, November 8, 2010

What are We Thinking???

This weekend our plans were to:

1. get the generator working and tested...supposed to be a nasty winter...
2. put the lamp posts back together...after painting and adding outlets...
3. plant all the plants that are sitting in pots on the porch and around the garden...
4. paint the entry...lots of parties coming up
5. start making a slipcover for the chair...
6. work on the Christmas quilt that is now going on the fourth Christmas...I still like it...

Instead, we got it into our heads to do this...
I'm not so good at taking the before pictures, but this was my son's room when we first moved here. We had painted the walls with aluminum paint and then my hubby made all the trim, chair rail and crown molding. We (he) made it all out of sheet metal, and used big screws and washers to attach it to the wall. It was very cool!!!! Lots of metal shelves, black bed and red accents around the room.
When my daughter moved out, my son took over her room and we just moved her furniture into his old room. She has all white, cottage-ie-type furniture, 4-poster bed stuff and it just never looked quite right!!!

She's coming home this weekend so of course we started a new project, which won't be done in time for her visit, which means she has to sleep on the couch in the bonus room!!!!
We're going to do board and batten on the bottom and dark brown on the top, with crown molding (from our old LR) on the top. I need to paint everything and then repaint all of her furniture too. I should be doing this now, as it's actually nice out, but probably won't get to it today!!

Needless to say, not much of our list was accomplished!!! Brian and Tyler did get the lampposts back up and working, and I got most of the plants in the ground. Also got the lawn mowed yesterday. I keep hoping it's the last mow of the season, but 4 days later it needs mowing again!!!
In other news:
I found out my friend Debra is a rug hooker. She invited me to her home to show me what she's working on. I've always wanted to learn this art and after seeing her rug...I'm "hooked"!!!! I can't wait to see the finished project!

This piece is quite large and will hang above her couch. Do you see the pumpkin patch??? And to the left of the little house is a clothesline with dungaree's on it!!!! I only want to make this and then I will be quite content in the rug hooking business.
There is a group of "hookers" that meet once a week at the senior center and I've attended the last 2 weeks. They are so eager to share and teach and their projects are amazing!

This lady is making one of these for each of her four children. This is where they grew up and where they lived. The Teton's are in the background and I believe this is for her son who works for the railroad. She tries to make each one personal, but the general look is the same for each kid. What a beautiful legacy!
The cutest things there, of course, are the seniors!!! What a happening place!!! Lots of activities, but every Tuesday there is dancing from 1-4!!! Live music and everyone dresses up just a little!! No jeans here!!!! A whistle is blown, (quite loudly, I assume because they are hard of hearing) every minute or so and they have to change partners. This is a good idea, cuz some of those men are quite good, while others seem to be falling asleep on their feet!!!!! The little ladies have their hair all curled up and their high heels on and darned if they all aren't the cutest things!!!!

A few weeks ago we had quite the rain storm. As it was pouring behind my house, the front of my house had this to feast on......

The top picture is from my front porch. I couldn't get a picture of the full rainbow, but you could see it from end to end!

And doubled!!!!

Reminds me of the song...All God's Promises are Yes and Amen!!!!! Nothing is prettier than the pictures He paints!!!


  1. What a pretty picture Holly. And I love the elders dancing through the afternoon. Don't forget to show us the room when it is done! I also want to try rug hooking and have bought books and magazines on it. Seems like I always have so many things going that I have not tried it yet. One day, one day I hope to. Yes and Amen.

  2. We saw that rainbow too... it was gorgeous!

    I know what you mean about the lawn mowing...enough already! Where is the frost that will slow that grass down, and the weeds... please!

    I'm going to pretend you didn't say anything about the need for a generator or the predicted winter weather.

    You and your family have really been busy, can't wait to see the finished room. It sounds like it will be great!

  3. I was outside walking over to Stacy's when that rainbow made it's appearance - absolutely breath taking!! Bravo God! You are such a hard workin' lady, you get so much done!

  4. Hollie,
    I LOVE your blog! I am MAKING some time tonight to just reflect over my life in WA; but visiting my friends Blogs. It's been a great way to catch up and just see the beauty that we left behind. Thanks for taking the time to blog. It's worth it! Some day; I WILL blog again. Until then; I admire yours. Miss you.

  5. Looks like you still got a lot done Holly. The pictures with the beautiful rainbow are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.