Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happenings this Week...and an Update

It's been a busy week around here...projects, school conferences, work, Christmas open houses, craft fairs, football and volleyball, plus a host of other things!!!

Remember neighbor Ken??? He came over this week and made my garden pretty again!!! Yea!!
I know I should cut down my mums, but as long as their is a little bit of color, I just can't do it!!!! We'd like to get a cover crop on the garden, but I think it's too late. It's supposed to get very cold here by the end of the week, but maybe that will at least keep the weeds from growing back!!
My dear Lynda had her annual "Pie Party"!! It just sounds so nice doesn't it??? We were missing Karen this year, but Terry and I were there with eager anticipation! This lovely sight greeted me as I arrived!!
Lynda set a festive table, served a great salad and a yummy soup that she got the recipe for off of "Behind My Red Door".

We each had a little goodie at our place setting...

And of course, the pies!! Terry made a very rich and tasty chocolate pie, Lynda made my favorite, pecan pie and I "brought" a peach pie from Costco...more about that later!!!

This weekend Ashleigh came home and brought her 13 year old "sister", Georgia. I thought I had taken pictures of them, but no, not one!! They were so cute too!!! Ashleigh reads to her every night!! They are reading the Harry Potter books right now!! Ashleigh loves to read and Georgia loves to be read to!!
They also talked me into getting into the attic and getting down all the American Girl dolls and paraphernalia!!! We haven't gone through this stuff in years!!! They "played" with it for hours!!!! (me too!!)

They weren't very tidy...

She got to visit with lots of friends and family, went to our old church, had coffee at Woods with her brother, went to Grandiflora with me, played games and hopefully had fun while she was here!!

Miss you Ash!! Come back soon!!!

A little update on the bedroom make-over...

Walls painted...window and door trim up...

Furniture painted, but not sealed...

Battens started...
Chair rail up...

While I've been blogging, Brian got most of the battens up and things caulked. We have someone coming in to lay a new floor in the bathroom and then we can get the trim nailed up in there too. We're waiting for an order of wood and then we'll spray the room with paint, move the furniture in and....decorated it for Christmas!!!!!
Remember the Kitty, Miss Abby??? Well, we had to put her down a few nights ago. Tyler accidentally hit her with his car as he was pulling into the garage. He (and I) was so sad. He stayed with her the whole time and buried her in the garden next to Bailey. We did have a laugh though, as the vet told us Abby was really an Abner!! Oops!!
That was the reason for the Costco pie. Sorry Jayme, I really wanted to try your recipe!!
RIP Abby...


  1. Em told me about Tyler's kitty - so sad! Room is looking great - you guys are so good at projects!!

  2. The mums look pretty and I don't cut them down until they are brown either. Beautiful area out there for your garden. The bedroom makeover is awesome and I love the battens. Pie party looks and sounds like so much fun!! Sorry about the kitty.

  3. Wow have you been busy. Can't wait to see how the room turns out, love the board and batten.

    So sorry to hear about kitty, my brother did the same thing years ago with our aging dog. Very sad.


  4. I popped onto your blog through Tales of Coop Keeper's and am so happy I did. I love your photos...I was trapped with the first one...reread the date on this post and CAN NOT BELIEVE ya'll are sitting out on a porch, in capri's drinking tea and eating pie. I'm shivering here in a blizzard...

    Your mums are nine shades of gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your life.

  5. Loving the room so far! Cannot wait to see the finished project. I wanted to get my grand daughters some of those dolls for christmas this year but I have been told they do not need any dolls or barbies of any kind. Bummer. They may be a little young yet anyway.

  6. My oh my, Holly, you've been busy! Your mums are so gorgeous- I gave up on mine a while ago. And the pie party looks like it was such fun. You girls have such lovely homes. And your projects look like fun, too.

    I'm so sorry about your's so sad to lose a pet, they are like family.

    No longer @ can come say hi any time at my new site:

    Hope you are having a lovely day,


  7. you've inspired me to try it. amanda is coming to help. you in?? :)
    nice chatting with you today. love u girl.

  8. Hi Holly, I wanted you to know I'm having blogger bugs. I've noticed that some of the blogs I've been following are falling off my list of blogs. Your is one of those. I have been following you since my first week on blogger and I was looking to see where you were today--and you are off my list. I have had this happen with 5 of my favorite blogs. Anyway, I wanted to explain it so you would know why I am "following" you again. Let me know if you see me pop up as a follower if you would. I am going to report this to blogger as an issue :)
    Thank you, Amy