Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Garden

I am loving my garden right pretty and giving me such yummy goodies. I am amazed at God' creation. The way he takes a tiny, shriveled up seed and creates such bounty with it!

I have so many volunteer sunflowers and pumpkins...I just can't stand to pull them out, so I let them grow willy-nilly all over my garden!
I got this great wheelbarrow at a garage sale last week...$5.00!!!! Love the metal wheel!!!!

Dill...also growing voluntarily all over my garden!!

Lots and lots of broccoli...been freezing that!

I love to grow cabbage, but don't do much with it!! The purple is my favorite!!

My beans are finally starting to get some blossoms...very slow this year.

My mailbox that I keep yard tools in...sometimes my rhubarb leaves me a note...

I pickled lots of yummy!!! Eating beets, summer squash, zucchini, peas and lots of blueberries, but not from my bushes. I love to walk through every evening and look for goodies. I love to put up produce, but I'm not fanatical about using up everything. Just like to have it and to give it away!!!
Can't wait for pumpkins!!!!


  1. gosh i love the judds and your garden im green with envy my little spot is coming along and like you every night i go about talking to my garden and tending to its needs....thank you for sharing wish i had the dill for my pickles and you can take that purple cabbage and pickle it..yummmmmyyyyyy

  2. What a beautiful garden you have.
    Even though the temperatures in South Texas are blazing, I LOVE being in my yard.

    I enjoyed visiting,
    White Spray Paint

  3. What a gorgeous garden, Holly! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Our garden is a bit behind yours but Randy picked beets, green beans and peas last night. Can broccoli be frozen? I bought the big bag of it at Costco and we haven't eaten any yet and I'm afraid it's going to go to waste. I'm afraid our garden is going to hit it's peak while we're in Seattle for a week - I'll have to tell our neighbors to have at it!

  5. What a delightful clever word smith you are---getting a letter from your rhubarb. It's paradise. The Message Proverbs woman indeed!!!! Thanks for the visit last gladdened the hearts of the Burkes.
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxobetty The joy of the Lord is our strength.

  6. Oh my beautiful! Lovin it all. The mailbox to store your hand tools in is a great idea. I might have to borrow that next year if I can find an old mailbox somewhere. Thanks for sharing such a pretty site!

  7. Oh, Holly Dolly! What a beautiful garden and wonderful writing! I've been horrible about keeping up on reading your posts...I've now bookmarked you on my toolbar so that I can check every day!

    Big hugs and loves to you all!!!
    cousin steewie

  8. Miss Christine!!! What a pleasure!!! I miss you and wish you were here!!
    I have to admit that I don't post very often during the summer...maybe you've noticed???

    Love you...Holly

  9. Your garden is amazing. Mine, not so much. Thank goodness for the Green Barn.

    Good pics of a pretty garden.

  10. Oh ma ga - seriously, one of the nicest I've seen. Good work! I've lost all interest in mine, it's just been so danged hot. I feel guilty now looking at yours!

  11. What a beautiful garden! I recently made pickles too. Homemade pickles are such a treat. I hope you enjoy yours.

  12. Beautiful! I'm hoping to slowly achieve the same thing on my porch. Maybe then the landlord will let me have at the yard!

  13. Your garden is inspiring! I love the wheelbarrow too. What a great find. Your blog caught my eye because I always wanted to be ea Walton too. Love your site. I'm just getting started in the blogosphere and checking out a lot of blogs for ideas and inspiration. Thank you for sharing!
    Amy -Verde Farm