Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthdays and Friendships

Another beautiful weekend here in the Pacific Northwest!!!

Thursday was dearest friend Lynda's birthday so she, Terry and I headed down to Snohomish for a few hours of fun and birthday gifts!!!!
My photography was lacking...I only took four pictures!! But I loved all the old washers set up outside the businesses, full of flowers!!!

Love this one...never seen a washer like that before!
And here is the birthday girl herself, outside our favorite store, The Speckled Hen. (How does one remove the reflective things in the picture???) Isn't she adorable??? Happy Birthday Betty dear!!!

The next night, we headed down to Woodinville with our friends, Perry and Linda, to the Chateau St. Michelle winery for a summer concert. Jackson Browne is a favorite of my husbands. I must admit, that I wasn't too keen on this concert as I've been to a few of the oldies down there and they just don't do much for me! I wanted to go the night before and hear Martina!!!

But I put on my big girl pants and went along...took my ipod just in case!!! I wish I would have taken more pictures. We went to a special reception before hand and the food was amazing, the grounds beautiful! You get a free wine glass when you come in and then free wine the rest of the night. My first glass lasts me all night, because I don't drink much, but I do love the glasses!!!

You're not supposed to take pictures (or have a camera with you) so I had to do some smuggling!!!
They had a big tent set up with lots of cheeses, crackers and a bounty of desserts (and more wine) which we visited more than once!!!

And can I just say what a wonderful concert this was???? He was truly great!!! Lots of ballads and acoustical pieces, very mellow and fun.
I also didn't get a picture of the lady a few rows in front of us who was doing interpretive dancing to Every Song he Sang!!!! It was quite entertaining!!

If I knew how to photo shop my arm would NOT be in the picture!!!!
A beautiful night with great friends!!!!


  1. Isn't is great fun to spend time with good friends? Looks like you had a good time. Just to let you know I mentioned that Jayme at the Coop Keeper could not move your way until I get to meet her. I just mentioned it in her comments the other day. Wonder what she has up her sleeve?

  2. Ahhhhh, you were in the VIP tents! Such a great place to be at concerts there. {I worked at the Chateau for three years and saw a LOT of great shows!} SO glad you all had a lovely time, Holly - and you got great shots for sneaking them!!!

  3. Those old washers are so cool. My hubby would love them. We have a couple but I don't think he would let me plant flowers in them.

    Sounds like you had a great time with your friends...

  4. Holly, you make me laugh!!! ;) You Rebel with your Camera taking pictures at the Concert ;) Those shops you went to look fantastic!!

    I will teach you how to photo shop photos with your own personal lesson if I can get a tour of that great home of yours ;)

  5. Oh my gosh. What a fun wonderful day. The Speckled Hen? Stop it. You guessed my change. I'm heading to your house. Please send directions. I'll teach you how to photoshop your arms out of photos. I have to do it all the time. My arms are the size of normal thighs.

  6. I want to go to the winery this weekend - they have David Benoit - one of my favorite jazz guys!! Fun day with fun friends!! Just remember - one must never be in the forefront of the picture - ALWAYS be in the back! :-) You look adorable - I love your smile my friend!!

  7. Responding to your comment on my blog in your comments on your blog....: -) CAN YOU BELIEVE I POSTED THAT PIC!? I'm dying. Goodbye forever.