Monday, July 15, 2013

Best Garage Sale Ever!!!

Hubby and I like to garage sale on the weekends. I usually go on Friday mornings and then we go together on Saturdays. Sometimes it's pretty slim pickin's around here and I honestly wasn't very motivated to go last Saturday. But, we did, and boy howdy am I happy he talked me into it!!!

Only one of the umpteen sales we hit were good, but we hit it at the right time! I don't think I have to go to another sale again and I'll die happy!!! We hit the "mother lode"!

Here are some of the things piled on the kitchen table!

And some "up close" shots!

A really nice tray, beautiful dish...and the ever popular wine corks. Since I don't really drink, it was nice to have someone else do it for me!

Two sets of Revere Ware Pro Line cookware...googled that and it was $$200.00 a set! My price? $20.00!!!!!!!

Two Cuisinart chaffing dishes...and two beautiful glass trifle bowls. One had the sticker still on saying it was handmade in Poland.

A brand new Kitchen Aid pasta attachment...price on the box...$95.00. Also a Kitchen Aid meat grinder attachment, Cuisinart electric knife set (never used) and a Cuisinart emulsion blender. Williams Sonoma grill press,  and three sets of Wilton cake decorating tips (I gave one away) plus all kinds of decorating do-dads!


 We got a brand new full size bed frame, box spring and mattress, plus a foam topper and two new mattress pads. We also got two of these end tables...

and one of these. Bed $20.00, end tables $5.00.

A silver ice bucket and a cute dish...

Platters from Sur le Table, really heavy stone ware bowls and a cute little condiment dish. All dishes were $1.00!!!

A really great fan...goes every which way, programmable, with a remote, which is being used non stop with all this heat!

 When we went back later to pick up the bed and tables she asked us if we wanted a TV...a really nice 32" Samsung flat screen. She would not take any money for this (we tried more than once)!

Grand total for everything? $90.00!!!! NINETY DOLLARS!!!

She was  such a sweetie. Was downsizing and getting rid of most everything as she was moving in with her mom to help her as she's aging. We had a lovely chat and she just wanted people to enjoy her things like she did.

I think I can do that!!!


  1. Wow! I stayed home and worked like a maniac, it was a good thing but I must admit to a little bit of junkin' envy ;-)

  2. Oh wow. I never ever find sales like that! I can see why you are excited!

  3. Wow! Great things and great prices! I'm glad you found this sale because you will appreciate all of the lovely cookware, kitchen aid etc.
    Nicely done!

  4. Wow, you did hit a great sale!! Lots of goodies to show for. Love the pots, great price!!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a haul. Good for you, and better yet the hubs goes with. Not mine...Never, no how.