Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Official...

My husband and I have separated.

He got a job!!!! Yeah!!!! Unfortunately it's an hour and a half away so it means being apart during the week. You didn't think I was talking the other kind did you???

He's excited and enjoying having a new challenge. And I'm happy that I don't have to support the if!!!!

We're so thankful for all the prayers that have been lifted up on our behalf....bless you all!!!

Just a simple post today...this is what I've been up to today, after working this morning!

Canning chicken. 32 pints and the smell is heavenly!!!!

Having two pressure cookers really helps and the double one makes things go so quickly!!

Laundry on the line, and the scent is divine!!!! I LOVE hanging clothes on the line...a little bit of bliss!

But let's be honest. It's really about the red apron and the aqua sweater!!!! (Please ignore the bathroom!!)

A perfect day of domestic loveliness!!


  1. Oh you scared me!1 I am so glad that he has a job. PTL!!!

    Your comment on my blog was so sweet! Thank you!I don't know about patience, though!!


  2. Wow an hour and a half... must be Seattle? But it's great to hear about the job! It seems like nothing is a safe bet anymore.... but it's great that things are working out for your family.

    LOVING the aqua sweater and red apron combo, too cute! These are just the colors we're going to use for a shower that my sister is having for my daughter here at my house... I only agreed to let her have it here if I could do all the decorating ;)


  3. Homemaking is really fun and rewarding especially when you're wearing a cute red apron and an aqua cardigan. Very sweet Miss Holly!
    Thankful for Brian's new job just not keen on the separation and commute. It'll work out!

  4. Hurray for a new job! Sorry for the separation...

    Love the Suzie Homemaker look with canning chicken and laundry on the line...delightful!

    The red apron...perfect!

  5. I guess I didn't realize you could can chicken like that. Interesting. Canning is something I know nothing about, but would love to learn. Someday...when I'm able to have a garden.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Springfield trip. Good luck with the Farm Chicks show! I hope you find some awesome things.