Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Fun!

Summer is flying by! Already it's almost August, school will be starting soon and hopefully some cooler weather is on the way! 103 degrees as I left work last night at 5:00!! The house won't cool down, I can't cool down and it's downright icky out!!!!
Thought I'd post a few signs of summer here in Lynden!!

I was out garage saling last weekend when I came upon these goings on on Main Street...
A little John Deere parade!!! Only in Lynden!!! About 40 different John Deere tractors driving down the street!!!! Raspberry Fest, third weekend in July. 3 on 3 basketball tournament, sidewalk sale, old cars, and my favorite...
Shave Ice!!! I love this guys truck, covet it actually! Even went online to find one for myself, however, I really want this one!!!

Cute little downtown Lynden!

Took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island and went with my SIL Meagan,, to the Seabold Vintage Market Show. Had a great time with her and found a few goodies too, but of course, no pictures!!

Liz and her best friend...aren't they sweet?!!! Liz recognized us right away from our blogs and was so cheerful and kind!!

This cute little booth had darling miniature aprons hanging on the front of their booth!
It looks like Meagan is negotiating a deal, but she's really asking to take pictures so she can paint them later. She got lots of great ideas!

Love all of the textiles that Liz creates and displays. Such beautiful colors too!

While Meagan and I were out and about the guys all went on a hike. Brian loves to hike, but no one in the family shares his enthusiasm!!!! He's thrilled that his brother lives in the area now, as they both share that passion!!!
Meagan and I worked on stuff for her upcoming art show and the guys had a rousing game(s) of poker!!! Thankfully, no cigars!!

Blueberries are coming on quickly! These are from our friends house! HUGE as you can see and very good. They were out of town recently and we didn't want their berries to go to waste!!!

Tyler and Brian at Larabee State Park.

Had to get a picture of Tyler driving his raspberry picker. He was thrilled!!! Notice that he won't look at me?

Once the girls saw the camera they were more than willing to pose!!!!
Good ratio, 4 girls to 1 guy!!!! This has been a great summer job!! Had a few 60+ hour weeks, but those paychecks are pretty awesome!!!

Kind of hard to tell, but Tyler sits about 10 feet up and it's a little breezy up high. Watching Tyler leave in the morning with flannel pants, jeans, shirt and sweatshirt seems weird, but it can be quite cool up there.
Today, however, is supposed to be over 100 degrees again. 4 days of this heat and at least one more! It's awful, and muggy , and I'm getting nothing done...because I can't move or I sweat!!! The power was out yesterday at Brian's office and they finally all went home. No AC on a building full of windows!!! Power's back on today, but no AC yet!!! Welcome to my world honey!!!!


  1. Hi, Holly:
    I had a quick moment to check on the rest of the world. I don't care much about what's in the news or what's been happening to Jon and Kate (which is just sickening anyway). I have to instead see what's happening in the life of I wish I were a Walton. That's news to me!!! We're having a great time cooling off on the Oregon coast. I will NOT be heading into the ocean today after a three day stint in 51 degree water to boggie board with my kids. I scan the coast abroad to see if there are other mothers foraging in the freezing temperatures to soar with their kids above the cracking crest of a mighty wave. Yea, there are NONE. Last night I lost a foot to the freezing temps. I will spare the rest of me from frost bite and brain cell depravation and go shopping instead.
    I will loook forward to rejoining you in lovely Lynden once the temperatures hopefully come down to their rightful place.
    All my love,

  2. Hey - where's the picture of the picker with the cute neighbor girl on it?!?! I must get a picture of her yet - maybe Sat. when she works next. Thanks for the reminder! We are spoiled with AC down here so call and come for a cool off next heatwave!! I'd love to share!

  3. If I went to the berry field and took a picture of Max...well, I hate to think what would happen to me.
    You, my friend, are a very brave mom.

    Thanks for the visit this week- all is well with my soul.

  4. Wow great summer shots! Huge blueberries. Tami says your garden is amazing!

  5. my dear holly,
    oh how i miss you too! a few weeks and the kiddos will be off to school. THEN we can sit all day & drink cold tea dreaming of weed-free gardens and children that listen the first time. yes, we can dream. no, you silly girl, you don't need to brib me to come over, HOWEVER, since you threw it out there.....yes, i would love some fresh produce!! i'd pick some from my own garden but the weeds have taken over and i can't find any veggies. i'm not kidding. i'm blog about THAT!! seriously, honey, let us get together SOON!!
    blessings to you today.

  6. Hi Holly! Thanks for the comment about my almost finished path. Not sure where the summer has gone for Jeff and I. Still did not build the chicken house. That one was high on my list. Hubby did a lot of reserch though, he is a real perfectionist, and by time he had mine and his ideas on paper the gardens took up our time. It's been a really bad summer here. Not enough green beans to can. I have frozen some but we also always give daughters some. Tomatoes are starting to ripen but not enough at a time to make salsa with yet. Hoping by this coming weekend get one batch of salsa done. Our freezer is full also. A lot of strawberries and freezer jam. Last year I did not work because I had quit a job that the commute was just to far after our move. So I enjoyed the canning a lot more. So I guess it is a good thing that we are not overwhelmed with veges this year because I have remembered how much I dislike to stand all night in the kitchen after a day of work. Thanks for dropping in!